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My original grand idea was to to begin this first post formatted as an opening scene in a screenplay. The main character (myself) would be introduced to the audience as she was participating in some seemingly mundane, yet character telling, activity. The scene would slowly shift as the main character transitioned to somehow show that she was…dun dun dun…but a lowly Screenwriter’s Wife.

But it was at that point that I thought, seriously? Who am I kidding, trying to have a ‘clever’ opening like that? I’m not the writer of the family. Duh. Well, at least not the screenwriter. I’m not gonna lie, I have occasionally harbored secret desires to one day be a writer myself one day. I mean, who doesn’t want their egos stroked into believing that what they have to say or think or create is worthwhile? 😉

So I’m not a screenwriter. But you know what, screw it, as of this moment, I’m going to declare myself to be a writer anyway! I just started this very blog you’re reading. I’m writing, therefore I’m a writer. Write? I mean, right?


Who am I?
My name is Ronni Peck. I’m in my early-mid 30s, wife for 8 years to an cool guy, mom to a 2.5 yr. old daughter and soon-to-be-mom to a son, due in late-April.

My husband is a screenwriter. To some super successful writers out there, I suppose his writing career probably seems merely fledgling, but to brand new, hope-to-be-writers his career probably seems semi-successful. He’s had a writing credit or two to his name. He has an agent (two actually), a manager, and an entertainment lawyer. He has multiple projects in the works and at various places. So he’s “legit”. But he’s also not in the big leagues by any means yet. Yet. I hope it’s yet. He’s still chasing the dream. And I, as the faithful wife, am still supporting him in this dream.

Oh, and I have a job/career too. In fact, I’m the main breadwinner of the family, the one bringing in a steady income. I’m a teacher. An online teacher. I teach 8th grade Algebra. Online. From home. People are always interested in how my job works. It’s a full-time job and I’ve been doing it for 5 years now. Parts of my job I love and parts of it I really don’t. I’ll talk about it all another day, in another entry.

We live somewhere in Los Angeles. Yay L.A. The city has its’ perks and conveniences. But it doesn’t have a soul. We live here because we have to live here for my husband’s career. It’s where we’ve lived for over 10 years, but it has never really been home.

Why am I writing this blog?
Good question. I’m not totally sure! I suppose that it’s mostly because I want an outlet. The life of a Hollywood screenwriter is one of extreme highs and lows, of certain uncertainty, a seesaw of feast and famine and feast and famine. While I may only be the wife of a screenwriter, and not in the entertainment industry myself, I guarantee that I go through all these ups and downs with my husband as he works to establish both his career and his family while in pursuit of his dreams.

It’s been a rough road, the past year or so particularly treacherous, but we’re fighting on. We’re keeping hope alive. If there’s one thing that this city is actually good for, it’s that of never-ending hope. At some point, one’s perpetual optimism of their potential success may border on self-delusion, but eh, if that’s what it takes to keep keep on keeping on, then that’s how we’ve been keeping on.

So why write this blog now?
At some point though, even self-delusion eventually has to run out. And we’re about at that point. With the birth of our second child approaching, we just cannot afford to keep up this dream much longer. One way or another, changes are in store for us in the very near future. Big changes. They HAVE to be. It’s the only way we’ll survive. Either we’re throwing in the towel, or we’re gonna strike it big.

So I’m starting this blog now, while the future is still uncertain, yet certainly looming.

Every good story needs strong characters on a journey. Every good character needs a relatable background. This is my relatable background, being written as I’m living it.

So hey, if you’re here right now, then lucky you! You’re in on the ground floor! Right at the beginning! You can journey along with us and see where we go, as we go. It’ll be a fun adventure. I hope. It might lead to disappointing conclusion. I don’t know how this will end. As always, I hope for the best, but brace for the worst. I’m glad you’re with us either way.

What do I want this blog to become?
Another good question, and something I’ve been giving a lot of thought to. What is my goal? To become a “Mommy” blog? A personal journal? A lifestyle blog? A promotional website? A commercial business?  Maybe none of the above…maybe a little of each.

Here is what I’d like to do with this blog:

a) Be a resource for women in similar positions as myself, who unfailingly support their husbands’ lofty career goals, all while trying to maintain their own identity as a wife, mother, and individual.

b) Provide insight into the daily realities of living and pursuing a dream in Los Angeles and the tolls it takes when you have a family in tow.

c) Share knowledge I’ve gained over the years that I believe have helped our family survive. Possible topics include: frugality/living on unsteady incomes, parenting/marriage/family life, general DIY stuff, and other topics I’m interested in and think my readers might be interested in as well.

So thanks for stopping by and for reading my blog! Feel free to leave a comment and say hello. 🙂

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