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Note: This is an OUTDATED review for the 2015 Ultimate DIY Bundle. Are you looking for a different bundle review? See all my other Ultimate Bundles reviews HERE. 

And here it is! The post you’ve all been waiting for, I’m sure: My extremely honest review of the Ultimate DIY Ebook Bundle, good and bad. (oh, and there’s a lot of affiliate links in this point; if you click and buy something, I get a very tiny percentage. I hope that’s ok. You don’t have to click on anything if you don’t want to.)

1) I don’t particularly love ebooks. I have a Kindle and I’ve read a few, but I MUCH prefer real books. I obtain knowledge better from real hard copy books. I especially prefer reference books in hard-copy format so I can easily flip back and forth and bookmark pages.

2) I already consider myself to be a pretty able DIY-er. I enjoy the ingenuity of figuring out how to make something from what I’ve got. I’m fairly creative and not afraid to take chances in my creations. I’ve got decent sewing skills. To be perfectly honest, I don’t really need a lot of DIY instruction.

3) I download free ebooks almost daily, both from linking to Money Saving Mom and Hundred Zeros. I’m not especially keen on the thought of paying for ebooks when I get so many for free.

4) Most of the free ebooks I download don’t really have any more info in them than I could find from a few pinterest searches. It’s convenient to have all the info in one central location of an ebook, I suppose, but it’s easier for me and I typically just prefer Pinterest.

So, um, I’m not gonna lie, there was a lot stacked against this Ultimate DIY Bundle for me and I was not expecting to get much from it. But I decided to give it a chance anyway, because I was so darn curious about it. I did not get a chance to look through every book (um, there’s a GAZILLION ebooks in this bundle, or at least 76), but I did skim through many of the ones I was most curious about. For a full listing of all the books included in this bundle, see here, otherwise, see below for the ones I was was able to go through and can give an honest opinion on:

Reuse, Refresh, Repurpose – this is only a $4 ebook, but for some reason I was most interested in this, probably because repurposing clothes is an interest of mine. This is not a long ebook, only 57 pages, and it’s probably better for those who are more newbies to the idea of repurposing clothes. I didn’t learn anything too terribly new. HOWEVER, I am now convinced that *I* could write my own ebook one day about ways to repurpose and update garage sale clothing, and older out-of-date formal dresses. Hmm…you know, since I always need more things to do with my time…who knows? Maybe look for my new ebook coming out in 2016… :)

DIY Herbs At Home – I only skimmed through this, and I already have a hard copy herb book that contains much of the same info as this ebook, BUT, I will say that this ebook had a lot of pictures, especially for an ebook, and I like pictures, so I was happy to see that.

Simply Canning: Survival Guide – I have not (yet, maybe someday) gotten into canning, but I think it’s a cool idea and I know people who do can. But this book was great! 171 pages, so a nice long length for an ebook and it seems VERY informative. I will definitely hold on to this ebook as my go-to if I ever decide to get into canning.

Sewing School 101 – I did actually take one sewing class in college, but it was mostly just for a fun elective class; almost everything I know about sewing is self-taught. I hesitate to call myself an expert sewer, because I know people who went to school for fashion design and can sew without patterns and make AMAZING things, and I’m always a bit in awe of them and don’t really feel like I can do much compared to them. But I do probably sew more than the average person, so while this Sewing School 101 ebook wasn’t for me, I thought it was a great introduction to sewing and could be very helpful to someone learning to use a sewing machine for the first time, so I’m still throwing it out there as a recommendation.

Act on Your Craft – so you know how I’m inventing a baby product? Yeah, I know, I talk about it all the time. Anyways. Once I’m at the point where I’m ready to sell it, I’ve been considering starting off selling on etsy. I wasn’t expecting to care at all about this book, but I found myself really interested while skimming through it. I’d never thought about selling at craft fairs before…but hey, anything that gets the product more exposure right? Either way, I found this little ebook (only 35 pages) kind of helpful.

Monkey See Monkey Do – I just discovered PicMonkey, like, Monday. And seriously, I can’t believe I’d ever NOT known about it. It’s a great tool when you have a blog – or if you work at an online school, or make a lot of flyers or newsletters or pinterest pins and need an easy way to put text on pictures. I haven’t looked through this ebook much yet, but I’m excited about having it to reference.

The Social Spread – this might be helpful; I like all the prompts. We’ll see if I end up using them or not. Either way, good inspiration and I can see myself going to it quite a bit for reference later.

On Becoming a Writer – I did not think I’d care about this one. It’s only a $3 ebook, 90 pages. I haven’t looked through the whole thing yet, only the beginning. But I think I’m going to like it. I’m married to a writer. Like, a person who actually gets PAID to write. While I’ve always secretly harbored idea of writing myself, I’ve always known that *I’m* not the writer of the family. KP is. I didn’t especially like English class growing up. Grammar rules bored me. I often froze and became overwhelmed while writing essays. But yet, I’ve always still felt such a strong desire and pull to master the ability to use the written word to express feelings, emotions, experiences, and deeper truths. The little I’ve read of this ebook seems to so far connect to how I view myself as a writer and may be the encouragement I need to hear.

ECourses and Bonuses:
Photography 101 – I recently got an DSLR for Christmas and I already know that I prefer to shoot in manual mode. Back in college, I took a photography class and still remember the gist of aperture and shutter speed, but these videos are a great refresher on how to use ‘fancy’ DSLR cameras on manual mode. I’d image that many of these video topics could be found elsewhere online, but it’s still nice to have all these videos in one place.

HopeInk – you get a free 8×10 print and I kind of like some of the prints and could maybe even see myself hanging it up somewhere in our house. I don’t think I would have purchased a print had I not got it as a free bonus, but now that I have, I think I’ll take advantage of this.

I only mentioned 10 of the 89 ebooks, ecourses, and bonues in this bundle, or roughly 11% of what’s actually offered. There really is a lot, lot more included than the things I talked about above, so I think it’d be worth it for you to at the very least check out all the offerings on your own. There might be something listed that will fit exactly what you want, but that I didn’t need.

So overall, do I think it’s worth it?
I mentioned that this would be an EXTREMELY honest review right? So in my extremely honest opinion – do I think you, or anyone, should consider purchasing this? Maybe, maybe not. It depends. There really is a ton included in the bundle and if you are interested in several of the books/courses/bonuses, then I’d think you have a good chance of it being worth it for you. But if there doesn’t seem to be much of interest to you, or if you’re already a pretty avid DIYer who doesn’t need much instruction or help, then it might not be for you. Personally, I’m planning to use just enough of the bundle to make it feel like it was worth it to me, so I’m happy (however, I’m actually looking more forward to a couple of the other ultimate bundle topics coming up this year more than this one.)

So really, it’s hard to say. It’s not a scam or anything and it completely legit and real and can be an incredible deal for someone interested in the topics. Some of the ebooks are of really high quality, and some, well, aren’t as much. But overall, I do think that it’s worth checking out and looking over all the books/ecourses/bonuses for yourself. It might be just want you need.

Oh, and for fyi, here’s the fine print and FAQ about the bundle.

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  1. I enjoyed your review. I won’t download any bundles but I enjoy readiing real people’s work. Thank you.
    If you still have a planner, I have too much to do, also. We bought a house on an acre, and we’re both country folks.

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