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Canning, Pantry & Food Preservation Planner by Lisa Barthuly at Molly Green Magazine ($7.95)
Take the next step to preserving your own food with the Canning, Planning & Preservation planner, which is filled with checklists, plans and canning instructions.

Ronni’s Review: 32 page .pdf So this is a planner, not really an ebook. It’s meant to be printed out, put into plastic protector sheets and used as a notebook. There are planning pages for each month of the year, as well as planning checklists, inventory lists jar labels, etc. There’s also several pages of info on canning methods. Apparently it goes along with the Molly Green.com website which is one of the bundle bonuses. The planner is very cute and if I were into canning and needed a practical planner to use, then I would think that this could be worth the $8 they ask for. So if you’re into canning and need a good intro place to start, you’ll probably really like this.

Easy Homemade by Mandi Ehman at Life Your Way ($5.99) ** SEE AMAZON REVIEWS HERE **
In Easy Homemade, you’ll discover simple recipes for your most common pantry staples so you can save money and feel good about the food your family is eating.

Ronni’s Review: Ooh, I liked this one a lot! It’s like all the things I’ve pinned over the years but in one place! I’d been wanting to get a book about how to create an actual real food pantry for awhile now. Its 86 pages and easy to navigate with its internal links. This one is definitely worth it to me. I’ll look over it more again.

Homestead Simplicity: Natural Clean by Lisa Barthuly at Homestead Originals ($9.95)
Keep your home clean & healthy with the frugal recipes found in Homestead Simplicity: Natural Clean. You’ll discover the power of vinegar and baking soda as well as recipes for every area of your home.

Ronni’s Review: 45 page .pdf. I’ve recently gotten into vinegar as a household cleaner and keep a spray bottle of it with lemon peels in it to clean with. The nerdy side of me likes that the author refers to these home cleaning recipes as “receipts” which is actually what they used to be called in old homemaking books. I’ll be going back through this book again.

Natural Beauty Recipes by Desi Ward at Unconventional Kitchen ($10)
Whether you’re looking for a way to reduce toxins or simply looking for a little pampering at a fraction of the cost, you’ll love the recipes in Natural Beauty Recipes.

Ronni’s Review: I like the idea of natural beauty products. But I don’t have the time or energy to ever do them. This “ebook” is only 15 pages of beauty recipes. I don’t think this is worth the cost they ask for it.

Thinking Outside the Gift Box by Lauren Lanker at The Thinking Closet ($9.99) ** SEE AMAZON REVIEWS HERE **
Discover 178 pages of gift giving inspiration, 75 actionable gift examples, and 11 gorgeous printables in Thinking Outside the Gift Box.

Ronni’s Review: 169 pages in the .pdf. This book seems well formatted as an ebook/Kindle book. I’ll come back ad read this one again. I only skimmed the beginning, but I like how the entire purpose is to find ways of giving meaningful gift that cost less than $10 each. I’m intrigued.


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