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Date Night In Box Review - The Story of UsIt’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed a date night subscription box, and about a year since the last time I reviewed a Date Night In box. So here’s a fresh and updated review for you of their The Story of Us box.

Fun fact: This Date Night In box was the very first package delivered to our new house! It arrived ON moving day, lol, and seeing a piece of mail with my name and the new address made this big move feel all the more legit. 🙂

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Date Night In, but as always, all these words and opinions and thoughts are my own – no one tells me what to write. Honesty and transparency are very important to me!

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ve seen me do lots of these date night box posts (and I’ll likely keep doing them, so don’t get bored of them yet…) and I think I mention this is every single review of mine, but for real y’all. These date night boxes are practically the only dates that KP and I go on anymore. So we totally use them for their intended purposes; I don’t just stage photos and go on my merry little way.

The thing I love about these date night boxes is that you can do them with almost no prep. Look, our life is busy. During the week, KP works hard, and often late, and when he gets home, he usually has more work to catch up on, or a writing project to work on, or I’m trying to do blogging stuff, etc. For us, it’s usually hard to plan a set-aside date night. We play things by ear on a day-to-day basis…and if we find ourselves with a free hour or two – we pull out a date night box and jump into it. 

Ok, ok, enough talk. Point being, I like these date night boxes. They’re always something different.

This is our review of the Date Night In box from February, The Story of Us.

Date Night In Box Review - The Story of UsHere’s the box. The outside was a cute little scrapbook of Date Night In and the timeline of how the company began. Inside was:

  • Disposable camera
  • Red chocolate candy melts
  • Package of Oreos
  • Oreo pop stcks
  • Candle
  • The Story of Us booklet
  • Date night instructions
  • Oreo decorating mat

The disposable camera stood out to me the most. Hah, man, I’d almost forgotten how they work! How awful is that! And these disposable cameras were HUGE during my youth! It’s amazing how quickly we acclimate to new technology and forget the old. 

Date Night In Box Review - The Story of UsThe first activity in the box was a photo scavenger hunt. KP and I didn’t follow directions all too closely – we just wanted to take pictures with the camera. We did attempt a digital shot of a film picture of a representation of our first kiss. 

Not sure how well our avant garde picture-within-a-picture skills are, but I would say we got an awkward kiss picture out of it….which yeah, was probably a good representation of our first kiss after all. Btw, couple kiss pictures are always kind of awkward, aren’t they? Like anyone wants to see that, right? Whatevs. Here’s KP and I getting our smooch on. 

Date Night In Box Review - The Story of Us

The included Story of Us booklet was fun to fill out (though admittedly, there were some pages that we just talked about rather than actually filling in the booklet). Also admittedly, we’d hosted some friends for a BBQ earlier in the evening and had had a drink or two already and were feeling silly during our date. So that probably made everything more fun too. Not gonna lie. And no shame in it. 🙂 

There was one question about how how many weeks or months we’d been together. Considering ONLY marriage, KP and I calculated the number of months we’d been together…and felt old. Or at least old & married. For real. Where has the time gone? All 150 months of it? Geeze. We ARE old and married.


We don’t remember our actual first meeting. Is that weird? Idk. We’ve tried many times to piece together our memories, but we can’t. Sometime in early 2002. Which, yeah, was practically a lifetime ago when we were practically babies. No wonder we don’t remember. 


We made some red chocolate covered Oreo pops. They weren’t pretty. But they tasted good.

Date Night In Box Review - The Story of Us

We talked about things we’ve enjoyed doing together in the past and things we want to do together in the future. (and yes, apparently “argue” is one of things we like to do. No judgement, k? We’re old and married now; we can do what we want. 🙂 ) We talked about places we’ve already visited and where we’d still like to go. 

We laughed together. We took some more pictures. I can’t wait to get them developed.

And it was a good date night. At home. That came in a box.

It’s really nice to spend time with your spouse. I’m glad that these boxes exist. 


P.s. the next morning, our 6 yr old daughter found the disposable camera and was so confused how it worked. I showed her and she took the last couple pictures on the roll. When I explained that the pictures were done and she couldn’t take anymore, she asked if we could just delete some so she could take more. Man, gotta love kids these days right? #thethingstheyllneverknow 

All the Date Night In details:

  • $31.66 – $41.99/month, depending on subscription length you choose.
  • Shipping Cost: FREE Shipping
  • When you log into your DNI account, you can view recipes and playlists tailored to your each box’s theme.
  • They also have a “Faith Night In” option, but I haven’t reviewed this option (and probably won’t). But you’re welcome to check it out if that seems like a good fit for you. 
  • They also have a Kids Night In box option, which I’ve reviewed HERE

Thanks Date Night In for letting us review one of your boxes!


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  1. I am trying to decide which date boxes to choose from. Would you say that date night in box focuses more on bonding (with more conversation starters) and crated with love focuses more on activities?

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