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This is an addendum post to my other Crated With Love date night box review posts. Every time I review a box, I always mean to do a better job explaining Crated With Love’s Digital Subscription (date night emails) & Bonus Content (online extras to add to your date night box experience), but I never find a way to easily fit it into a blog post.

So I’m just gonna put all this info in its own blog post for easier reference. 

First, if you somehow found this post without having read any of my Crated With Love reviews, you should probably start there. The rest of this post will make a whole lot more sense that way, I promise. 

Ok good, now I you know all about how awesome Crated With Love is, let’s just jump into their digital offerings. I know I typically only talk about their actual, physical, date night boxes – but they also offer two online-only options. 

Digital Subscription

CWL currently has 2 subscription options (ok, technically they still offer their Staycation option until the end of Sept. as well, but that’s almost gone so if you want it, you better get it asap!). Their regular physical date night box subscription is called their Story Mode Subscription. However, if you’re looking for something different, or if you want to get a feel for Crated With Love before buying a box, or if you don’t have much room in the budget but still need some date night ideas – the digital subscription is  a great option for you.

What is the Digital Subscription?

For only $1.99/mo, you get 2 emails a week, based around the theme of the month. One email comes at the end of the week in preparation for the coming week, and the other email comes on Monday as a jumpstart to he week.

The end-of-the-week email contains:

– an icebreaker question
– suggestions for 3 different kinds of date nights: Stay At Home, Go Out, and $5 Date
– Weekly Couples quiz, where the winners can win gift cards and other prizes


The Monday email contains:

– an icebreaker question
– a relationship building exercise
– a Monday motivation question


Bonus Content

Whereas the digital subscription above is a stand-alone subscription and is not contingent on also having a physical date night box subscription (though you certainly can do both if you’d like!) – the Bonus Content is an add on to the regular Story Mode subscription and meant to be used in conjunction with the physical date night box.

How Do You Add the Bonus Content To Your Dates & What Does It Contain?

To add the Bonus Content option to your date night subscription, choose the option from the drop down menu when ordering. It’s a few extra bucks a month, but considering that CWL is the most affordable date night subscription box out there, it’s still a pretty good price even with the bonus content. 

To access your bonus content, you must first sign in to your CWL account. From there, navigate to the “My Memberships” section of the Dashboard tab. Choose the correct month.

<—-To the right is what came in the September Bonus Content.

I always enjoy listening to the curated Spotify playlist during dates. And I always mean to try out the dessert recipe, but never get around to it. :(

Remember last post where I asked if you noticed the two items included in the date night box but not used for the activities? Did you find them? The two items were the collapsible cup and a flashlight. If you notice the Bonus Content above, Weeks 2 and 3 utilize these items! I’d show you the details of the Bonus Content activities…but then that’d ruin the surprise, so I won’t. :) 

I hope this helped explain a bit more about how both the Digital Subscription & Bonus Content options at Crated With Love work! 



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