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Critical Thinking & Logic Curriculum & Resources

Considering it’s one of the most important concepts a child (or adult) can learn, there’s very few easily accessible logic or critical thinking curriculum options out there. There are some books, but let’s face it, in today’s world, we’re much more acclimated to hands-on learning via apps, workbooks & activities.

While you CAN find “logic puzzles” or “brain teasers” out there, many of these apps or games are not what I’d consider true critical thinking programs.

In order to be what I consider “Critical Thinking” or “Logic”, a program needs to encourage questioning, hypothesis testing, and outside-the-box solution finding that also encourages the ability to acknowledge reasoning steps.

I hope to add more to this list as I find more critical thinking/logic curriculum programs out there for both kids/adults. And if you know of any not mentioned here – please leave a comment below & let me know!

Best Overall Critical Thinking/Logic Curriculum Resource:

1) Critical Thinking Company

Grades: PK – Adult.

A full supplier of critical-thinking aligned workbooks for all grades and subjects, Critical Thinking Company is definitely a good place to start. I personally have been eyeing many of their books for awhile now.

While many of their single subject-based curriculum doesn’t seem to be as impressive as other curriculum I use, the Critical Thinking Company’s specific CRITICAL THINKING curriculum is great!

I recommend their Building Thinking Skills workbooks, along w/the supplemental manipulative resources (for the lower grades). As well as their Critical Thinking Detective & but there’s a lot of other good stuff here as well.

Critical Thinking Company also now offers some online games in their Online Playroom section, however, they don’t appear to be as flashy and smooth as many of the other current options out there. Still, I appreciate their online Mind Benders/Balance Benders games. (They also offer Mind Benders/Balance Benders puzzles in workbook form too).

You can find Critical Thinking Company workbooks at the following:
The Critical Thinking Company website
Rainbow Resource

Traditional Logic Curriculums:

2) Canon Press Logic Series

Grades 7+

This looks like a great option for a formal logic course! They have two levels, Introductory & Intermediate.

*I have not reviewed this personally, but the site it comes from appears to also offer Christian curriculum, so I’m assuming that there might be light religious elements to this course. *

You can check out this video on the course to get a better feel for it.

You can find the Canon Press Logic Series at the following:
Canon Press Website
Rainbow Resource

3) The Art of Argument / Discovery of Deduction

Grades 7+

Both these courses are from Classical Academic Press.

*I have not reviewed this personally, but the site it comes from appears to also offer Christian curriculum, so I’m assuming that there might be light religious elements to this course. *

You can find The Art of Argument/Discovery of Deduction courses at the following:
Classical Academic Press Website
Rainbow Resource

Other critical thinking books/workbooks:

3) The Fallacy Detective/Thinking Toolbox

Ages 12+.

These are two workbooks for ages 12+. I like that they are cartoon-y and feel like they would hold the attention of for kids/teens/adults.

*as do the courses above, these books may/may not have some elements of religion in them*

You can find The Fallacy Detective/Thinking Toolbox at the following:
The Fallacy Detective website
Rainbow Resource

2) Logically Fallacious

I skimmed through this in the Amazon preview and it looks to be pretty comprehensive book going through all the different kinds of fallacies and giving examples.

One thing I like about this book is that there is a corresponding website where you can find an online database of fallacies as well as the ability to submit a “is this a fallacy?” question. They also have an online course. See above for more info on the course.

3) James Madison Critical Thinking Course

Critical Thinking/Logic Videos & Documentaries:

1) The Great Courses – Intro to Formal Logic

The Great Courses is always a wonderful resource when looking for learning opportunities. There are two ways to access this course.

Either purchase as a stand alone course as part of the regular program.

OR you can sign up for the Great Courses Plus program where you pay monthly to access all courses.

The Great Courses also offers TONS of other great courses to learn and discover.

2) Curiosity Stream – The Joy of Logic

I recently subscribed to CuriosityStream after doing their free trial and it’s a great fit for our family. They have a Kids Channel, so I can just let the kids pick & choose documentaries at their interest.

I haven’t watched this Joy of Logic video yet, but I’m sure I will soon.

Critical Thinking Apps & Websites:

1) Chess.com/ChessKid.com

Ages 6+

Price: Free for basic membership, $49 for Gold membership (or $39.20 through Homeschool Buyers Co-Op)

ChessKid is for kids, I think they state grades 3 and up, but my kids started playing it around age 6. They also have an adult chess site, Chess.com. On both sites you can play games with others online & watch lessons.

While Chess is not strict a “logic” curriculum, it teaches wonderful critical thinking skills, and so I figured I’d throw it into this mix.

Where to find Chess.com & ChessKid.com:
Homeschool Buyer’s Co-Op (best online deal)
Chess.com (for the grown up version)
ChessKid apps: Google Play/Apple App Store
Chess.com apps: Google Play/Apple App Store

2) Andor: Learn Logic

Price: Free.

I only just discovered this website. It’s a simple program, but it does what it’s supposed too and I like it.

Description from the site: “Andor is an educational game to learn the rules of Logic. The goal is to drag and drop parts of a statement to create a true statement. After a 31-level tutorial, you are equipped to tackle the 300 increasingly challenging levels that turn you into a master of Logic. The author of Andor has a PhD from MIT in Philosophy and Mathematical Logic and has taught Logic at the college level for many years. With Andor, he brings logic education to mobile.”

You can find Andor here:
Andor website
Google Play
Kindle Fire app

3) Pocket Logical Reasoning App

Price: Free.

“A collection of 1800+ logical aptitude questions frequently asked in competitive examinations and placement papers. It is designed as a preparation tool for job aspirants and those waiting to crack entrance examinations like CAT, XAT, MAT, NTSE, UPSC and various bank exams. This app sharpens your IQ, tests your aptitude skills and enriches your knowledge.”

You can find Pocket Logical Reasoning App here:
Apple App Store
Google Play

4) MathDoodles Attributes

So far this looks at though its only available on iPad.

5) Kialo & Kialo-edu Online Debate Forum

I just discovered this place and it’s fascinating! A way to organize debates into tiered chunks. They have a main debate community where anyone can join, or they also have an option for educators who want to use the tool in the classroom.

I plan to investigate Kialo more and will possibly write up a more detailed review in the future.

6) The Fallacy Files

This is an older site, and younger readers might not be impressed with its’ non-minimalist layout, but don’t let that fool you because there’s a ton of great stuff here if you know how to look. Especially if you’re an educator or looking for an example of a particular kind of fallacy in real life – you can search through these files and find headlines, articles, and historical examples where people have misleadingly used the fallacy.

Free online courses:

1) Stanford Intro to Logic

2) MIT OpenWare Logic 1

3) University of Hong Hong Critical Thinking

Paid Online Courses:

1) Mastering Logical Fallacies

Price: $49

This course is in conjunction with the Logically Fallacious website and book (see above). If you’re looking for a good course that’s structured in an online-only format, or specifically looking for a refresher course on logical fallacies (a smart idea especially in today’s world), this looks to be a great option.

Teachers Pay Teachers Lesson Plans

1) Alice in Wonderland Logic Unit, $4.00

2) Logic Grids for Kids Bundle, $12.00

3) Introduction to Logic, $10.00

4) Logic and Critical Thinking, FREE

You can also access some of this course material here: https://lucidphilosophy.com/, including some online quizzes.

5) Critical Thinking Bundle for Grades K-2, $8.80

6) Critical Thinking Puzzles, $3.00

Also see my Crash Course in Logic course, coming soon!



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