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Crated With Love & WeCraft Subscription Box Staycation Date Night & Kids BoxEver wonder what happens behind the scenes here in the Peck household when KP and I review a date night box? 

After we do the date, we typically leave out the box out on the kitchen table. The next morning the kids attack. The just love going through the box and playing with anything that looks like a toy, or taking any arts and crafts items and making stuff with them, or overall assuming that anything left in the box is THEIRS

This month though – I had a surprise for them. Not only did I get a date night box for their dad and I to do, but I also got a box for the KIDS and I to do together

Crated With Love (one of my most favorite date night subscription box options) recently teamed up with a company called WeCraft to offer what they’re calling their “Staycation” package. For $50 you get BOTH subscription boxes – a Subscription Box Staycation ….aaand….wait for it…you ALSO get $20 in gift vouchers toward the two companies to use for future boxes! I do a cost breakdown at the bottom of this post so you can see how awesome of a deal this is. In the meantime, check out all the fun we had on our ‘subscription box staycation’:

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Crated With Love, however, as you probably well know by now if you’ve read other posts of mine – honesty and transparency are very important to me and I was not told what to write; all these words are my own words and this is my genuine review.

WeCraft kids arts & crafts box

Omg, my kids begged me to do this box the second it came in the mail. If you follow me on instagram, you’ll see that I clearly don’t do enough activities with them and they are so mistreated so they are dying for my undivided attention (lol). 

One thing that was really nice about the WeCraft box is that it comes with enough materials for 2 kids. A lot of other kid subscription boxes are geared toward only 1 child and you have to pay extra to add extra materials. If you only have 1 child, then you’ll likely be able to complete each craft twice. But if you happen to have 2 (or even 3) kids that you’re doing the box with, it’s easy to split up materials between them. 

Using watercolor markers, we made paper animals and coffee filter flowers. Another thing I REALLY liked about the box is that the box itself – as well as the packing materials – became part of the craft! So many times I ended up throwing away the box packing materials of these subscription boxes so I really loved the eco-friendliness of turning the box, tissue paper, and brown shredded paper into a scene for the animals to play in

Crated With Love & WeCraft Subscription Box Staycation Date Night & Kids Box

Crated With Love date night box

Don’t quote me on this, but I believe that the Crated With Love box that you’ll get as part of the Stayation package is a “mystery box” which means that you may get this Tropical Paradise box that I’m reviewing here…or you may get another box. It’s a mystery. 🙂

As I’ve mentioned in several of my other CWL box reviews, one of my most favorite thing about CWL is their willingness to differentiate themselves from the other date night subscription box companies. All of their boxes set you and your partner on an “adventure”. The last box I reviewed sent us back in time – this box sent KP and I to a deserted island. It’s kind of goofy, but also kind of fun. The nerd in me likes the game of it all. 

This particular box had us play a strategy game together, take turns building a sea glass mosaic together (which KP and I TOTALLY were not on the same page about and our mosaic turned into a playful fight about which of us had the “right” idea in our mind), grow water beads (which the kids very much enjoyed playing with the next morning), and make paper airplanes.

At the end of it all – we not only escaped off the island together – we earned a second merit badge! Heck yeah! Level passed! Ha, I love the merit badge aspect of the Crated With Love date boxes. So cheesy. So fun. 
Crated With Love & WeCraft Subscription Box Staycation Date Night & Kids Box

I loved this Staycation package option – it’s just another thing about CWL’s innovation that I appreciate. Some point soon I’ll also need to tell you more about their $1.99.mo (yes, only $1.99) digital subscription option. In the meantime you can check it out for yourself here. 

Staycation Recap:

For $49.99, you get:
1 Crated With Love “Mystery Date” box (retails $20-$29, depending on subscription length)
1 WeCraft Kids Arts & Crafts box (retails $23-$25, depending on subscription length)
$10 git voucher to CWL
$10 gift voucher to WeCraft
Total value: $63 – $74

Have I sold you on how great of a package this is yet? Great! 🙂 See the Crated With Love website for more info on ordering and/or check out the other CWL reviews I’ve done

Thanks Crated With Love and WeCraft for letting us review your awesome Staycation package! We had a blast! 

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