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Crated With Love Jan. 2019 Sweetheart Safari - Review & Promo CodeDate night box night! Most months, we do our date night boxes on a weekend, but this time, we managed to even squeeze it into a weeknight! Imagine that – a date night on a weeknight? Thanks to these at home date night subscription boxes, yes, it’s actually possible. 🙂 

Another thing I love about these boxes, especially Crated With Love, is that you can crack them open and spend some meaningful time together with little to no prep. Put the kids in bed, wipe off the kitchen table, pull out the date night box, and there you go – it’s a date!

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Crated With Love, but they don’t tell me what to write or edit my words – this is all me! My own thoughts, my own opinion, my own experience.

Crated With Love‘s theme this month was called “Sweetheart Safari”. As with all Crated With Love boxes, it opes with a story/adventure that you and your partner can immerse yourself in. This month we we were dropped off on a safari in the middle of the jungle!

Crated With Love Jan. 2019 Sweetheart Safari - Review & Promo Code

Box contents:
– Instruction Book
– Our Safari Skills card
– Our Journey Through the Jungle game board, playing pieces, and spinner
– bag of wooden tiles
– Our Goals Journal Booklet
– Mad Libs style butterfly card
– Spot The Sloth button
– Two Can Toucan badge card



Crated With Love Jan. 2019 Sweetheart Safari - Review & Promo Code

Activity 1: Our Safari Skills If To start the date, we filled out a card and tried to formulate an equation of our LSSS (Love Safari Survival Score) – an obviously made up equation that got us talking about thins we did this past year and what we want to do in the coming year. 

Crated With Love Jan. 2019 Sweetheart Safari - Review & Promo Code

Activity 2: Lions & Tigers & Bears As you moved around the game board, you had to draw cards. One of the categories had you use your phone (or you could’ve used a tablet/computer too) and find an animal or plant that makes you think of your partner. While yes, some may balk at the idea of incorporating phone time on your date night, I say hey, if you most likely have it in your hand, you might as well be using it as a way to contribute to your ate experience! ?

Crated With Love Jan. 2019 Sweetheart Safari - Review & Promo Code

Activity 3: Jungle River Excursion If This ended up being our favorite activity of the box for some reason. We had to write words on both sides of the wooden tiles that had double meaning that could apply to both the jungle and our relationship. Maybe it’s the writer in both of us that enjoyed having to search for words that could apply on more than on level. ?

Crated With Love Jan. 2019 Sweetheart Safari - Review & Promo Code

Activity 4: Our Goals Journal The goals journal lets you and you partner come up with relationship goals for the coming year – I love that this gets you thinking about the future year together. 

Crated With Love Jan. 2019 Sweetheart Safari - Review & Promo Code

At the end of the date, on the back of the badge card, there was a Spot The Sloth! game/button. To be honest, my daughter found this pin the next morning (she always finds the date night boxes we leave out and loves going through them!) and thought the slot pin was the cutest thing ever and then took it an it became hers. I really need to be better about putting things away that I want to save and not have her loose!

And we also earned our “Two Can Toucan” badge. **I accidentally thought this was the February date and not the January date when I took this picture – ignore that. ?**

Other goodies:

Crated With Love Jan. 2019 Sweetheart Safari - Review & Promo CodeIf you subscribe to their Bonus Content (as KP and I do ?) then you’ll also have access to a few more goodies. Click here to see more info about the Bonus Content offered, but every month, KP and I listen to the curated Spotify playlist while doing our Crated With Love date. This month, another thing I enjoyed was that the bonus content included a “Round 2” for the Our Journey Through The Jungle game. 

If you’re looking to extend your date night boxes even further, consider checking out the Bonus Content!


Here’s a few more quick details about Crated With Love:

  • There’s 2 different kind of subscriptions: Digital Subscription (review here) $1.99/mo, and Story Mode Subscription (reviewed above); $17.99 – $26.99/mo depending on the options you choose
  • Free shipping, ships to U.S. only
  • PROMO CODE for $5 off your subscription (new customers only): writerswife
  • VALENTINES DAY DELIVERY INFO: If The last day to order for a Valentine’s Day delivery is Feb. 5th, so you’d better order soon! Orders places the 6th -14th will ship on Feb. 15th. CWL also offers printable gift cards that you can give to your recipient if you miss the deadline. ? 

Thanks so much Crated With Love for letting us review your January 2019 Sweetheart Safari date night box!

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