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The other night was Crated With Love date box night here in the Peck household. 🙂 I’ll be honest: it’s lately been really hard for KP and I to manage to spend time together. He  usually doesn’t get home until late, I often have to work online in the evenings when he is home, or he has to finish up work on his laptop. When we both actually do have a break before bed, we tend to turn on the tv…and either fall asleep on the couch or take our devices to bed with us and play games or surf online until we do. I know these are not the healthiest relationship habits, and it’s something we need to work on, but after long days it’s a habit we’ve unfortunately fallen into.  

So I’m really glad that we’ve had a chance to try out so many of these date night subscription boxes because it’s “forced” us to actually set aside time together, lol. So please know that I don’t just recommend these boxes for other couples, but we actually use them ourselves. 

(Please note/disclaimer: while this post was sponsored by Crated With Love, all opinions below are fully mine. As with all my date night subscription box reviews, I seek to give honest reviews and helpful feedback to anyone who might be deciding a date night subscription box service for themselves. I hope you find this post helpful!)

This month’s Crated With Love theme was “Stuck on You”. 

Even though it wasn’t my favorite CWL box we’ve done (last month’s egg contraption and a game/puzzle box from a few months ago that I didn’t do an official review for are probably my faves), KP and I still had a good time and actually spent time together…which is what the entire point of the box was!…so overall, I’m still pretty happy. 

Here were the contents of the box:

It came with some game pieces, all the challenge/activity cards, and a cloth CWL bag. 

We set up our date night table (complete with sparkling pear cider bought from the just-opened largest Ikea in the U.S. 🙂 and some recently-purchased girl scout cookies) and set out on the task of this month’s date. 

Challenge 1 had us racing sticky men toys down our (also Ikea) bookcases. I forgot what the point of this challenge was -sorry CWL :(- but KP and I quickly broke out into laughter when we realized that for some reason the red sticky man clearly had some built-in winning strategy that the green guy could never match up to. We took turns trying to see who could make their sticky man have the best form while tumbling down the wall and promptly decided that our kids would get a kick out of them in the morning too. 

Challenge 2 involved flinging sticky slapping stretchy hearts-on-strings at cards placed on our (yes, Ikea) kitchen table. Each card had a question we had to ask the other. The first two tries, this was an easy challenge that we quickly each accomplished for the first card. But then it became harder to aim, or there were fewer targets, or maybe we just suck, ha ha. Either way, KP ended up winning. But I tried hard. I really did. 

Challenge 3 was kind of like that icebreaker game you might have played in church youth group growing up. Where a person, place or thing was taped to your back and you had to go around asking people questions until you figured out who you were. 

Except here you had the person, place, or thing stuck on your forehead and you only had 20 questions to guess it. Oh, and also that you’re in direct competition with your spouse who came up with the topics in the first place. 

Warning to the wise though: if you’re gonna play this game, be sure you know a thing or two about the thing you write down! I realized after a couple questions that I knew very little about anteaters…where is their natural habitat? Um… Do they swim? Maybe… Are they fast runners? Compared to a turtle, I’m sure they are, I think…

Neither KP nor I did very good on this game, for some reason. Ha ha.

For Challenge 4 we were supposed to take turns going around to each room in the house and putting our favorite item inside the bag…and then we were supposed to guess what the other chose. But we didn’t actually do it. Because, well, our house is small, we can pretty much see at least half our house from any given vantage point, and…well, ok, we’re lazy and didn’t want to get up. 🙂 So we talked about what things in the house we would save in the event of a fire instead. 

Pretty much, it was (other than our kids, obviously, duh): our laptops, hard drives…maybe the chargers if we could think about it, cell phones, important documents, a favorite stuffed animal or toy for each kid, and I might try to grab all my old handwritten journals from my youth. That’s about it. When it comes down to it, neither of us are terribly sentimental about items. All our old pictures and negatives (before digitization) are buried back deep in our garage, so they’d probably, unfortunately, be a loss (though maybe we should do something about that?).

All in all, a good time was had and we were happy with the time we spent together!

OVERALL THOUGHTS on Crated With Love:
– I like that Crated With Love offers activities in each box designed to get a couple talking about their relationship. These are more than just date night activities…but also relationship building activities. 
– KP and I have done several Crated With Love boxes so far and I really like that they come up with unique ideas for a relationship-building date night. I like that I never know what to expect…but we always enjoy it.
– While Crated With Love has the lowest price point of the other date night box companies, I don’t ever feel that they skimp on quality of their dates. I assume that they’re able to offer a lower price point because they don’t include unnecessary items to try to “beef up” their boxes – their dates’ worth is in the quality of the activities planned, not the quantity of the items in the box. 
– If you’re considering trying out a date night subscription box, but don’t want to break the bank when you’re not sure if it’ll be for you, I suggest trying Crated With Love

Crated With Love General Info:
Cost/mo.: $20 – $25/mo
Shipping: FREE
Promo code: n/a but $5 off with THIS LINK
Best For?: Seriously Dating, Engaged, Married

Thanks so much Crated With Love for allowing KP and I to have a fun date night at home with your Stuck on You date night box!

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