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crated with love reviewHey – I might be about to go into labor (fingers crossed for any day now! …though I’m realistically not due for another week or two, but still…I can hope…), but KP and I still find time for at-home date nights. Crated With Love again to the rescue! And let’s be honest, I highly doubt we’ll be getting out anytime soon after the birth for an out-of-the-house date night. So really – Crated With Love to the rescue! 🙂 Here’s my Crated With Love review. 

April’s Crated With Love box theme was “I Love the 80s!”

KP and I were both born in the early 80s, so while I do have lots of memories from that decade, I admit that I didn’t grow up in a super “pop culture” household…so sometimes my 80s/90s pop culture knowledge is lacking. But hey, can I just say that since immersing myself in the entertainment industry the past decade and a half that I’ve way upped my game in that department? I may never be super cool – but I’m ever so slightly more ‘in the know’ than I once was, lol. 

Either way, I never know if I’m going to feel clueless when it comes to 1980’s themed stuff. 

However, I’m happy to say that even with my somewhat limited knowledge, and even though KP knew way more (and ALWAYS knows way more) 80s movie quotes than I did – that I still knew enough to ‘get it’ and enjoy the TOTALLY RAD 1980’s fun of this date. (and I mean, how can you NOT have fun with 80s stuff? It’s perfectly cheesy and awesome at the same time). 

Yes, even when KP began throwing a ping pong ball at my huge belly. But we’ll get to that part of this date below… 🙂 

(Please note/disclaimer: while this post was sponsored by Crated With Love, all opinions below are fully mine. As with all my date night subscription box reviews, I seek to give honest reviews and helpful feedback to anyone who might be deciding a date night subscription box service for themselves. I hope you find this post helpful!)

crated with love review Here’s what the box contained:
– a bright green fanny pack. Inside:
     – a silver sequined glove
     – a bright green mesh glove
     – package of square quote/moment cards
     – ping pong ball
     – pink shutter shades
     – package of Pop Rocks
– a handful of cards: 4 Challenge cards, 2 Challenge Activity cars, 1 Date Introduction card, 1 supplemental activity card.

Though we typically do our dates in the living room or kitchen, this time we decided to set up our date area in our bedroom instead. Since I’m in the middle of photo-documenting our entire house for my 700 sq ft, Family of 5 blog post series, while the bedroom is currently nice and clean, it came at the expense of the living room turning into a total disaster, ha ha. The date pictures would not have been pretty. 🙂 

This month’s box incorporated a supplemental online component, which I thought was a great addition to the box! It included links to the answers for each of the following activities as well as some suggestions for other activities and Pop Rocks urban myths. 🙂 I highly recommend pulling up the bonus materials on your phone to go along with your date play. Other than during the first activity, you could also pull up 80s hits on Pandora to really help set the date mood…or that’s what we did at least!

crated with love reviewChallenge 1 was called Finish The Lyrics. We were each given a set of 80s song lyrics with the last line blank. I think the rules stated that you were supposed to fill out your own card, but we took turns asking each other the ones on our card. If you knew the song, you were to sign it, if not, you could just read the words. The other person then had to guess the missing words. Afterward, you could listen to the song clip through the online Crated With Love supplement and see the correct answers…and sign along with the songs. The best part of this activity was realizing that KP and I totally screwed up the tune of half the songs that we thought we knew ha ha. Either way, we had fun. 

Challenge 2 was called Our Love As An 80s Movie. We each chose 5 cards that had 80s movie quotes on them. Of course, the ONLY quote *I* knew was one from The Princess Bride, for all the reasons I explained above, ha ha. But KP knew most of the others. Because he’s super cool like that. We took turns drawing a “moment” card and then we had to match up one of our quotes to best fit the moment from our relationship. Each round naturally led to a quick reminiscence of that particular moment in our relationship, which was fun. After we finished, KP looked up all the movie quotes on the Crated With Love site to make sure he was right. He was on most of them. Because again, he’s cool like that. 

Challenge 3 was called It’s a Fanny Pack, Man! Other than utilizing the Fanny Pack (obviously 🙂 ), KP and I also donned some spectacularly fabulous 80s wear, including shutter shades, the green mesh glove, and the silver sequined glove. I decided to start off being the fanny pack wearer, if anything to be kind and give KP an unfair advantage of a sticking-out-far-as-possible belly as an easy target. Also, because, as I’m entering the ridiculously large end of pregnancy stage, I no longer care how dumb I look anymore. Whatevs. Let’s add a fanny pack and make it even more fun! 

Hey look, KP even managed to hold the camera, throw the ping pong ball, AND take a picture! He’s got skillz yo! It was a simple, silly game, but we had fun with it anyways. 

I don’t know if I’ll ever end up wearing this fanny pack again…but then again, it’s retro enough that I probably could. Hmm… I may give it to my 5yr old daughter. She’ll love it actually. 

Challenge 4 was called Make Me A Mixtape. We were supposed to take the Moment cards from Activity 2 and talk about songs that would match that moment perfectly. Then, go on Spotify or YouTube and make a playlist for each other. However, I’ll admit that KP and I started talking about good songs…and then we got sidetracked by wanting to eat the Pop Rocks…and then going off on a tangent about supposed Pop Rocks urban myths….and then we started talking about a bunch of other stuff…and we never quite got back to the playlist. Oops. But hey we spent time together and that still matters. 🙂crated with love review


OVERALL THOUGHTS on Crated With Love:
– I like that Crated With Love offers activities in each box designed to get a couple talking about their relationship. These are more than just date night activities…but also relationship building activities. 
– KP and I have done several Crated With Love boxes so far and I really like that they come up with unique ideas for a relationship-building date night. I like that I never know what to expect…but we always enjoy it.
– While Crated With Love has the lowest price point of the other date night box companies, I don’t ever feel that they skimp on quality of their dates. I assume that they’re able to offer a lower price point because they don’t include unnecessary items to try to “beef up” their boxes – their dates’ worth is in the quality of the activities planned, not the quantity of the items in the box. 
– If you’re considering trying out a date night subscription box, but don’t want to break the bank when you’re not sure if it’ll be for you, I suggest trying Crated With Love. (plus, see below for a promo code for even more savings! ? )

Crated With Love General Info:
Cost/mo.: $20 – $25/mo
Shipping: FREE
Promo code: n/a, but $5 off with THIS LINK
Best For?: Seriously Dating, Engaged, Married

Thanks so much Crated With Love for allowing KP and I to have a fun date night at home with your I Love the 80s! date night box!

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