ThredUp’s Goody Boxes – A StitchFix Alternative Sustainable Clothing Subscription Box

So you don’t have the time to shop for yourself, and you’re thinking either: 
A) I wish there was a more affordable StitchFix alternative out there. OR
B) I wish someone would pick out some pre-owned fashionable clothing for me and then a big box just shows up on my doorstep, like a sustainable clothing subscription box.  

Then you need to listen up because if you haven’t yet tried out ThredUp’s Goody Boxes, you need to. STAT. Read more…

Garage Sale Scores 9/27/14

Well, I’m back at it! I’ve signed up for another consignment sale (see here and consignment sale for the previous sales I’ve done) in mid-October and so I’m beginning my small income generating hobby of buying and reselling garage sale items. :) For the above, I spent $37. Here’s a rundown of the items and […] Read more…

Garage Sale Scores 3/22/14

Sometimes, I sign up and obligate myself to things that I kiiiindaaa know I shouldn’t, but I do it anyways, hoping that things will just all nicely work out. Hopefully. Maybe if I cross my fingers tight enough. Maybe? You know how I mentioned in consignment sale about the cool consignment sale I participated in […] Read more…