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box cover for the logic board game Bugzzle: A Pattern Matching Puzzle Bug.

There’s a TON of “logic” games out there, but tbh, a lot of them are more about entertaining than teaching critical thinking. I have a background in math & logic & since critical thinking skills are sorely needed in today’s world, I decided to review as many of these “logic” games that are currently on the market as I can in order to help you find the best one for your kids. This review is about: BUGZZLE: A PATTERN MATCHING GAME.

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DISCLOUSURE: I paid for this game with my own money.

Bugzzle: A Pattern Matching Game

From the manufacturer:

“Young ones are abuzz with puzzle-solving excitement!

Pick one of the 40 challenge cards and then arrange, flip, and perfectly position the semi-circular puzzle pieces into the bug-shaped tray to match the picture.

It’s a wonderfully satisfying brain challenge! – And all the while, kids are learning about colors, fractions, early math, and more.

Debug your young learner’s brain with the brilliant fun of Bugzzle!”


I really like this puzzle game for a few reasons. It starts off as a simple “puzzle” fitting the pieces together, which increases slightly in difficulty as you move from card to card. Kids not only have to think about halves & fourths (and how two fourths make up a half) but they also have to keep track of which colors are on the other side of which colors as well as notice the different curvatures of the pieces.

I like that Bugzzle teaches preschoolers about fractions and spatial reasoning when they don’t even realize that they’re learning about it already! Introducing these concepts at a young age will make it easier for them when they start learning about fractions more properly.

Once the puzzle is solved, you can flip over the card to see the solution to check if you’ve done it right.

Pieces are well made, it’s an easy game to understand, there’s varying challenge levels. Teaches concepts of equivalent fractions. Once they learn the rules, preschoolers can play independently.

You have to put the puzzle back together twice (both under & on top of the bug) inside the box in order to put it away properly. I wish there’d been an easier travel box or bag to store the game in when not in use so it’d be easier for your preschooler to clean up on their own.

Recommended Ages: 3+

Retail Price: $22.95

Where to Find:
(**When possible, I STRONGLY encourage shopping at smaller retailers instead of the mega stores such as Target/Amazon.**)

Fat Brain Toys

Rainbow Resource




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