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I’ve been reviewing date night subscription boxes for awhile now, but if you check out my main listing page… and if you keep scrolling down to the bottom… you might notice this box company called The Fantasy Box. I kind of hide The Fantasy Box away down there so as to not be all – here’s sex! Sex! Sex! Sex! Ha ha. But don’t let its placement fool you – The Fantasy Box provides an excellent service that I highly recommend. I’ve just been a bit shy about putting that right all up in your face. 

WEEEEEELL before now that is. Knowing that I’ve referred many people to them over the years, The Fantasy Box recently reached out to me. They offered KP and I one of their super fancy premium boxes in exchange for an individual blog post review. And I thought, hmm:
A) I’ve already written out two of my birth stories on here, complete with extremely personal and unflattering pictures of myself and
B) KP and I live in Hollywood and well, sometimes it happens where we watch tv/movies and see an actor friend we know on screen. In a role that has them baring more than just their souls.
And…..So….. I figure that hey, if I can handle these two things without being overly awkward about it all, then I can handle publicly reviewing The Fantasy Box on my blog. 

So here goes. Ahem. 
I plan to keep everything PG(ish), but still, Mom/Dad, if you’re reading this, you might want to skip this one. Or if you know me in real life, and find these things awkward, feel free to pass as well. Or read it and pretend it never happened. Whatevs. 

Disclaimer: KP and I were given a free box to review, but I was not paid to write this. All opinions and thoughts are my own!

We’ll start with the box itself. For the past year or two, KP and I have been every-other-month paying subscribers for The Fantasy Box’s lowest tier “Essentials” subscription box. The Essentials box comes in a regular cardboard subscription box style box. But the Classic and Platinum tier boxes come in this really nice magnetic closure box. For this review, KP and I got to check out one of the special edition Fantasy Box Holiday boxes, which come in either Classic or Platinum only. We received the Platinum Starlight Romance box. As you can see, the box was literally brimming with goodies

Once of the best parts of every Fantasy Box is the instruction cards that greet you on opening. While every box contains fun products – the whole ‘it-factor’ of The Fantasy Box is in these cards. They make the entire experience. Without them, this would just be a box full of intimate products. With them, it is a portal to a unique and bonding experience with your spouse.

Usually, its pretty obvious right off the bat which card is supposed to be for the guy and which is supposed to be for the gal, but occasionally a box – such as the Starlight Romance box we reviewed – can be played out with either person taking the lead role. The person in the lead is usually the one who gets to rifle through the contents of the rest of the box, sharing only what is needed with their partner and when. For this particular box, since *I* was planning to photograph the box contents in order to write this review post, I went ahead and took the lead role of Star Maker on this one. (That’s not too TMI is it? If so, you can stick your fingers in your ears and pretend you never read that. 🙂 ) 

As this was a Platinum level box, it was FULL of toys and goodies, but even in a Essentials or Classic tier box, you’ll typically get the fantasy instruction cards, some female lingerie, any items needed to play out the fantasy, and maybe a bonus (toy, candle, massage oil) as well. In the higher tier boxes, you’ll get higher quality lingerie for both him & her, more items to play out the fantasy with, and several fun bonuses that can be used again and again together.

I should note that even after many years of marriage and after (obviously, we’ve got three kids) many years of intimate experiences together, there are STILL some things that I blush a bit about. So just throwing it out there that KP and I don’t always use every single thing given to us in a box. We may or may not have used all the stuff in this box. That’s just for us to know. 😉 

Keepin’ it clean here, folks. I guess you’ll just have to guess what fun is inside… 😉

One big thing that I LOVE about The Fantasy Box is that while they set up a scenario for you, there are (obviously) ZERO REQUIREMENTS. Sometimes an item or idea doesn’t seem like something we’d like and we skip it altogether. Sometimes, we’ll try it even if a bit uncomfortable with the idea at first. Our ability to be open with each other about our likes/dislikes in the bedroom is something that has grown significantly since we’ve started getting these Fantasy Boxes. I really like that The Fantasy Box encourages this kind of honest, intimate communication between couples. 

In fact, the very first box you get is in a The Fantasy Box subscription is always the Introduction box. And there’s a good reason for this.The Intro Box starts with a questionnaire that gets a couple talking about things they like, dislike, might like to try and/or never want to try. Sex is one of those things that’s soooo important to a marriage relationship, yet so many couples struggle in talking about the details. Instead many fear that talking about sex will somehow take away from sex….there’s this (incorrect) idea that sex is supposed to be this unbridled, swept-up, uncontrollable passion that just magically happens perfectly every single time.

But want to know a secret from someone who’s been married for over a decade now? (cover your ears kids): Sex gets sooo much better when you stop expecting to be automatically in-sync right off the bat — and instead realize that it’s all about learning together and coming together (both figuratively and yes… ) and figuring out what makes each other groove. Sex takes a lifetime to discover and perfect together. Which is just another beauty of the long-term commitment of marriage.   

This is also why I don’t recommend The Fantasy Box for newer couples. I suggest like 5 years+ into marriage. Why? Well let’s face it, newer relationships don’t usually need as much help in the passion department. Plus, if you’ve got your whole life ahead of you together, you might as well save some things for further down the line to experience together.

Because somewhere down the line, your sexual relationship might get a bit stale, and this is where The Fantasy Box can make an excellent addition.

I’ll be honest, this red lace bodysuit skirt combo is probably the most beautiful piece of lingerie I’ve ever owned. I’m not doing it justice at all in this picture.


So you have kids and are wondering how in the world KP and I can set the scene for a sexy date night with them running around?

Look, we have a super small house. Though we were originally considering hiring a sitter and checking into a hotel for a couple hours in order to do this box review, that didn’t happen. So we had to do date night at home. Come to think of it, we’ve done a lot of date nights at home.

I’ve read suggestions about how to prepare for date night like: send sexy texts to each other during the day, wear sexy lingerie under your clothes, plan your spouses favorite meal, etc. But let’s be real. When you’re chasing small humans around all day long, the thought of preparing for sexiness later only feels like an extra chore. 

That’s why we don’t usually start preparing until the evening, when we have time to think about it. Here’s what we do:

If it’s a weekend and KP’s home early enough, we start by dividing and conquering. I nursed the baby to sleep while KP got the other kids ready for bed. I picked up our bedroom while KP picked up the rest of the house. I put the nice sheets on the bed and prepared things while KP did the dishes. 

Since taking pictures of this box and getting the room set up took longer than it usually does, here are some ways I additionally helped myself get into the spirit of things:

  • I enjoyed an adult beverage while getting the bedroom ready.
  • I ran some essential oils (I like the idea of a “love” set like this one).
  • I found and played some appropriate mood music.
  • KP and I took turns taking a quick shower to freshen up. 
  • I took my time getting dressed and doing my makeup and making myself feel pretty. 

One of the fun experiences of this particular box included affixing glow-in-the-dark stars all over the room and ceiling. Here’s the best picture I could get of the starry wonderland glow. It looked even better in person. I think we’re gonna leave the stars up for awhile. They remind us of good things. 🙂 

(By the way, I’m super proud of my fancy camera skills in order to capture this super low light picture.)
Then, since I was the “Star Maker” and the one in charge of this date, I gave KP instructions and invited him to the room once I was ready for everything. 

And….with that said…. I’m not going to go into any more details on the rest of mine and KP’s evening either. 😉 Rest assured though that it turned out pretty good. : )

All The Fantasy Box details:

$39 – $159/mo. depending on the tier you want (Essentials, Classic or Platinum) 

– First box of a subscription is the Introduction Box, which gives you a guide for discussing your intimate preferences and desires, as well as introduces you to the different box theme you might find in later boxes. 

– The Fantasy Boxes are centered around 4 overall themes: Sensual, Playful, Costume, and Control. If you know that you don’t want a specific theme (or if you want more of one of them), you can email them and they will pull/add those boxes from your queue. This is also a good idea if pregnant/postpartum and are temporarily feeling less comfortable with certain things. 

– You can set up your subscription for every month or every-other-month.

– Other than their subscription boxes, they also offer one-time Special Edition boxes. The Starlight Romance box reviewed here is one of their special edition Holiday Boxes. They also offer 3-box bundles of one of their themes. Oh, and they also sell toys and lingerie separately, but I’ve only ever done the boxes, so I don’t really know much about that section of the site. 

And…..I have a promo code for you!! Use the code SCREENW10 for 10% off ANY purchase, not just a subscription! – you can also get 10% off by signing up for their email newsletter, but that discount only applies to a subscription; mine applies to any product as well. If you don’t mind, please use my code SCREENW10 so they’ll know that I sent you. ?

Thanks The Fantasy Box for letting us try out one of your boxes!

2 Comments on Bringing Sexy Back To Your Marriage With The Fantasy Box

  1. This Subscription Box sounds aMAZING! I’ve seen several companies with lingerie boxes that usually include toys, goodies, and beautiful lingerie, but never have I heard of one with role-play! How exciting!

    I run a Wellness page for women and when you’re talking about wellness, you’re talking about overall health, so there are times when I absolutely feel it’s necessary to cover certain subjects. Before I even posted about sex, sexual organs…orgasms, I thought, OMG, this is way too personal! But you know what? I realized that we’re all grown women and we all have the same basic needs. If we can’t discuss things like orgasms, vaginal discharge, and our reproductive & sexual health, then something has gone very wrong! So I applaud you for stepping out of your comfort zone to speak about something you’re obviously “passionate” about, lol.

    I love how you addressed that sex between married couples only gets better after years and years of marriage! I completely agree! My Husband and I have been married for 5years on December 22nd, 2017. Our love life was always amazing, but one day there was something that just CLICKED, and our sparks have never been brighter. You become more in tune with one another. All embarrassment goes out the window and variety flies in, if you know what I mean.

    The box you talk about would make an amazing addition in our home. Initially, that’s why I came to your blog…to try to win that Date Night at Home Box. We never get to go out and I really mean NEVER. Together we have 9 children, ranging in the ages of 25 to 3. We are busy, needless to say. I think the last time we actually had a real date, was about 3 years ago. I’m only 38 and my Husband is 43…we’re still young in my book and DESERVE to have time together once in a while. Shoot, from what I read, we should be going on a date at least once a month. That just doesn’t happen though and that’s why I feel the subscription box you speak of and the Date Night Box that I’d love to win, would be key instruments in bringing my Husband and me closer together. I know you understand where I’m coming from in that so many children and their needs, can sometimes take away from the time you need with your spouse in order to keep your marriage growing.

    Anyways, I loved your article! It hit home on so many levels. I can’t wait to see what you’ll write next! So, I’m off to see how many entrees I can get for your giveaway! From one Mommy & Wife to another, thank you and much love & respect.

    Brook Alyson Heath

    • Brook, what a nice comment – thank you! Man, 9 kids! How many are home with you on a regular basis? Either way, I can only imagine how full of a life you guys have. 🙂 Good luck and I really hope you win! Either way, happy anniversary and thanks again for the kind words.

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