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(via IMDB)
(via IMDB)

I just watched our Boyhood screener.

1) Having grown up in Central Texas like the main character for most of the movie, it made the whole thing just a little extra special and relateable to me (even though, to be honest, I was a relatively good kid with a pretty stable family life. But still, Texas childhood/teenage life. I get it.)

2) Oh my gosh, my own kids are going to grow up so stinkin fast. I was just a kid myself, going through all the awkward growing up experiences. And here I am on the other side as a parent myself now. My parents were just me and now I am them. Time is so unfair.

3) I’m two drinks in right now. This may be why I’m being overly sentimental.

Can we have a Boyhood 2 now? That covers the 20s-early 30s please?

Either way, Boyhood is great. Go see it.

2 Comments on Super Quick Movie Review: Boyhood

  1. I liked the movie and I loved the way they used the same humans for the whole movie. But I kinda hated the end. And I wanted to know what happened to those kids from the mean dad. But the movie was pretty good. And to be honest I never got the point why it’s so special to use the same characters. What about Harry Potter? haha!

    • Hi Melissa, I completely agree with you about wanting to know what happened to the step-kids! That was my one lingering question afterward. I had to tell myself that this was just a fictional story and that those kids didn’t really exist, but still made me sad for other children who might be in the same situation. 🙁

      I think that what was “special” about using the same actor is just that it seemed very genuine to see a child grow up. Whereas typically, when telling a story that spans a childhood or large age range you have to use different actors – this time we, the audience, were better able to ‘relate’ to the story because it felt a little bit more real.

      The Harry Potter movies were a bit similar actually. Just instead of watching the actors that play Harry, Ron and Hermione age over the course of a single film, we got to see them age and grow over the course of 7 (wait, no 8) films. It made us feel like we knew them as real people. Which of course we didn’t, but if made us feel like we did. 🙂

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