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So…if you’ve done the math, you’ve probably realize that these bonuses ALONE are well worth the price of the entire bundle. If you like 2 or more of these bonuses, then buying them separate would be more than the cost of the entire bundle itself. Not trying to be all sales-y on you here, I’m just sayin….these bonuses are the things that sell me over every time and get me to buy the bundle.

Is this really legit, you’re probably wondering? Um, yeah. I covered this question already. 🙂


FREE Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap, Mrs. Meyer’s Multi Surface Spray, Grove Collaborative Spray Bottle, Grove Collaborative Scrubber Sponges or 60-Day VIP Access with FREE Shipping from Grove Collaborative ($30 value)

**only available in the continental U.S.
**existing ePantry customers will receive a FREE 1-year VIP membership instead of the free product offer
above ($39.95 value)

Ronni’s Review: I don’t think I understood how this works at first, but then I investigated more. Apparently Grove Collaborative (which used to be ePantry, I think?) is similar to Amazon Subscribe N Save, only for natural cleaning and personal care items. So you sign up for a re-occurring box of items that are delivered monthly. You can go online and change up the contents of what you want each month. Now that I got that all figured out, the bonus offered depends on if you are a current/previous member, or brand new.

If you’re a current/previous a member, you will get a free 1-yr VIP membership, which as far as I can tell means that you get free shipping each month (as long as you have at least $20 worth of items in your monthly box) AND that you get a special free full-sized gifts 5 times a year.

(if you’re not a VIP then it costs $2.99/mo shipping. So…doing the math, if you plan to order over $20/mo for at least eh, 6 months out of the year, then with the free bonuses, the VIP membership is worth it. However, if you DON’T plan to order $20 worth of stuff on a semi-regular basis, then it might be cheaper for you to not be a VIP)

If you’re a new member, then you get 90 days of VIP membership AND some cool free bonuses! Free soap, spray, glass spray bottle (I want this!), and a scrubber sponge. Which is pretty awesome! The only caveat that I see is that I think you have to spend $20 on additional products in order to get the free products and free shipping… I’m still investigating this more before I take advantage of this bonus. However, if you’re into natural cleaning or personal care items and planning to buy them anyways, then this bonus could potentially be AWESOME for you.

FREE SPOT Treatment for Acne & Eczema OR a $15 Gift Certificate Toward Bloom Naturals Products ($15 value)

**ships to the U.S. and Canada

Ronni’s Review: This bonus was also offered in last years’ bundle and I still have the SPOT treatment roller that I got. 🙂 Though I admittedly prefer the Burt’s Bees Blemish Stick since the Burts Bees has tea tree oil, whereas this Bloom Naturals one has oregeano oil, I use the Bloom Naturals’ SPOT Treatment stick when I run out of Burt’s Bees…or when I want to try an oregano plan of attack rather then tea tree. Though…I gotta be honest, I don’t love the smell of oregano oil. I know it’s rather beneficial and all…but, I haven’t total acclimated to the smell yet.

Point being, I have this, and I use it, and it was a cool little bonus. You DO have to pay a couple bucks for shipping though, I believe.

FREE Online Class from Craftsy ($29.99$ – 69.99 value)

**online, no shipping restrictions

Ronni’s Review: heh. I have signed up for a Craftsy course with every single one of these ultimate bundles I’ve bought so far. And I always get excited about them. And I never do them. At least once you enroll the videos are always there so maybe someday (far, far away in the future), I’ll have the time to go back and actually do these. You don’t get to choose from every class available, there’s a pre-selected 24 classes to choose from, but they’ve usually got a couple interesting ones.

FREE Kids Discovery Box from GreenKidCrafts.com ($24.95 value)

**$3 shipping, only available in the U.S.

IMG_2135 (1024x695)
Doing our Green Kids Craft box last year while camping.

Ronni’s Review: Yay! So As I’ve kind of become the self-proclaimed internet expert on date night subscription boxes 🙂 I have this thing for subscription boxes in general. Especially ones that I can just give to my daughter to occupy herself with, like this bonus from Green Kid Crafts! I got this last year, when C was 3.5yrs and I think she was just a bit too young for the activities in the box, but I think she’ll be the perfect age this year!

$15 Credit to the Hope Ink Shop PLUS Two FREE 8×10 Art Prints with Any Purchase ($71 value)

**ships worldwide

Ronni’s Review: I’ve looked at the Hope Ink site the last two bundles I’ve done and I’ve never quite decided on something that I liked enough to pay shipping for. There are some very beautiful designs and prints here, but nothing that jumps out and speaks to me, I guess. But neither KP or I are really into decorating with words or quotes, and most of these designs carry inspirational quotes on them. Maybe I should get them and give them as gifts though…hmm…

$15 Gift Certificate to InkWELL Press ($15 value)

**only available in the U.S.

Ronni’s Review: Inkwell appears to be pretty things for people who like to plan and make lists. There are some gorgeous planners on here. I am not a pretty planner person and I’m kind of swooning, ha ha ha. Maybe a journal for me instead. I’m not sure if I’ll end up using this, just because I don’t want to have to pay the overage over $15 and with shipping, but I’m keeping this in the back of my mind…

FREE 90-day Pro Membership to ListPlanIt.com ($30 value)

**online, no shipping restrictions

Ronni’s Review: I signed up last year for this bonus, but never really understood how it worked or what it was for. I guess it has a ton of lists and printables that you can print out and use to organize your life? Try as I might, I’m just never going to be one of those super-organized list-following people (this is the closest I ever get to being organized!) and so this bonus isn’t really for me. But it might be for you? Check out ListPlanIt. You might love it.

FREE Hand Massage Routine Videos from Melt: Massage for Couples ($24 value)

**online, no shipping restrictions

Ronni’s Review: Coming Soon…

FREE 1-Year MollyGreen.com Membership, including all membership goodies, full access to RightNow Media and digital magazine issues ($29 value)

**online, no shipping restrictions

Ronni’s Review: Coming Soon…


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