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Hello everyone (I don’t know why I felt like opening this post this way; for some reason I just felt like beginning with a salutation)!

So…..you wanna know a secret? It’s not going to be a secret for much longer and it isn’t particularly very juicy or impressive. But here goes:

You know that little thankfulness thing that’s going around facebook? You know, where each day for three days you list three different things that you’re thankful for and then nominate three people to do the same? Well…I’ve kind of – secretly – been hoping that someone would nominate me for it. I’m not keeping my fingers crossed (heck, I somehow managed to skirt by without getting a ice bucket challenge nomination either. Not sure what that says about me; maybe that I have no friends, ha ha…) – although I’m sure this post will now garner me a few nominations, ha ha – but I would kind of like to participate because, well, because a big part of my recent life has been a new awareness of all the things I have to be thankful for and I’d like to share some of these things. It may have taken a few hard lessons to bring me to this place now, but sometimes that’s just what it takes, I guess.

You know how in my first post I talked about the ups and downs of a screenwriter’s (and screenwriter’s wife’s) life? Well, I can’t hide the fact that past year or two have been one of the lower points for KP and I. A rather significant low point, in fact. I hope and believe that we’re currently beginning the upswing of this feast-famine cycle, and I’m looking forward to hopefully better times in our future, but the hard times are still quite fresh memories in my mind.

I think it’s important for people to know not just of the good times, but also what the hard times of living this life are like. You hear about the many young people who flock to LA or NYC hoping to “make it”. But keeping up that dream for near a decade, and adding on a family to provide for? Well, it becomes a totally different ballgame then.

While the past couple years have been a challenge for us, the past couple months have brought enough reprieve for us to be able to look back. And I suppose it’s often only in hindsight that one can finally find meaning and purpose in the tough times.

So, unless something unexpected happens to throw our lives into yet another tailspin (knock on wood), I’m planning to start writing out some of the hindsights of the past couple years here soon. Give me a couple more weeks to collect my thoughts and decide what exactly to share.

But in the meantime, maybe I’ll be nominated for the facebook 3-days-3-thanks-3-friends thing. 🙂


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