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Last year, I bought the best folding push pull wagon for kids I could find. I wrote a blog post all about it and about my years-long search to find the perfect wagon. The company that made the wagon (Custom Folding Wagons) found my review and in thanks, gave me a discount code for my readers. 

Just last week they introduced a new wagon series, their Titanium series, AND THEY SENT ME ONE!! Y’all, look, I love my teal colored folding wagon. I’ve taken it all over the place (see here and here). I had no complaints about it at all. 

But somehow they managed to still make improvements that I didn’t even realize I needed in a wagon. If you’re in the market for a new folding push pull wagon, I highly recommend checking this one from Custom Folding Wagon out. 

Disclaimer: I received a free wagon to review. I am not being paid to write this post. These words and pictures are my own. 

Extra disclaimer: I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect/best folding push pull wagon for my family for years now. I’ve tried out other wagons. See my first post here. I’m also going to compare the Custom Folding Wagons/Creative Outdoor Distributors wagon shown here to some of the other popular wagon brands. I’m tying to help you decide on a the best folding push pull wagon for your family, not just trying to sell you on one. 🙂 

Super Fun Surprise: Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post because I’m doing a FREE WAGON GIVEAWAY!!! Just in time for the holidays! Yes, they have allowed me to give away one of their wagons! Do you realize how cool that is? I’ve done a few other giveaways on the blog over the years, but this might be my most favorite one I’ve ever done! 
Giveaway ends: Dec. 12, 2019

Silver Series (original teal) vs. Titanium Series (new red) – Which is the best folding push pull wagon?

Custom Folding Wagons offers two folding push pull wagon series, the Silver Series and the Titanium Series. I originally bought a precursor to their silver series, but then the company upgraded me to the silver series and sent me the removable tray and wagon shell with zipper panel. I only mention this because
a) I’m an over-sharer 🙂 but also because
b) while I believe that my teal wagon is now the exact same as one from the silver series, if you buy one and it has small minor details that’s why. 


custom folding wagons titanium vs Silver series best push pull wagonAs a whole, the new Titanium series is larger and taller than the Silver Series. However, it appears that the wagon carriage itself is the same size, it’s just been moved higher on the wagon frame. This means that the kids in the wagon are higher off the ground. 

I didn’t even realize that this was an improvement that I needed but I like having the wagon carriage up higher off the ground. It helps with maneuverability, as well as lets the kids have a better view of the surroundings. Depending on if you have the tray extension folded down or not, the higher carriage also gives more room for your feet as you’re pushing the wagon. 

My husband especially never really loved pushing my original stroller because he had to slouch to push the handle. He was very happy that the new wagon push handle was higher

Height/Length/Depth specifications can be found here: 
Silver Series specifications
Titanium Series specifications


They added a bunch of new features for the Titanium Series:
1) Sunroof – At first I just thought this was a cool feature to allow the kids a “sunroof” type experience, but then I realized that the best part of this feature was being able to look inside the wagon and see your child as you push the wagon, like a stroller. And then I was like, whoa. This is good stuff. 🙂

2) Much improved 5-point child harness! – When I bought the original wagon, I was excited that it had a 3-point safety belt. At the time, there wasn’t much else that had any kind of seat belt for kids on the market. However, my super active toddler figured out how to wiggle out of it after awhile, so it ended up not being as helpful as I wanted.

This new Titanium series has a MUUUUCH better harness system! It’s much more secure and my 2 year can not escape. Is it bad that it makes my mama heart happy to be able to strap my 2yr old into something that he can’t escape from? Mwahahahahaha! ?

I could also easily adjust the straps to fit my 5 yr old son as well, with room to expand even larger if I’d needed to. I imagine that this wagon would be a good fit for older special needs kids who still needed to be harnessed when riding in a wagon. 

custom folding wagons extended length tray3) Attached tray and better securing methods – The silver series wagon comes with a removeable tray that can be used to extend the length of the wagon bottom. This is helpful when transporting longer equipment, or when an older child wants to extend their legs. I also used it as extra tray for holding items. But because I could only attach it above or below the canopy legs bracket, it always seemed awkwardly place for me to get as much use out of as I’d like. 

To solve this, the tray is now permanently attached on the Titanium series and conveniently folds up when not in use. And because the overall height of the wagon carriage has been raised in the Titanium series it no longer causes a problem in kicking it while pushing. 

I liked that my 8-yr old daughter could use it to stretch out her legs comfortably (as if she’d ever be riding it in it alone, lol. Her younger brothers get first priority.)

4) Removable bracket to turn into stroller – I don’t know how I missed this originally, but apparently both the Silver and Titanium series wagons offer a removable bracket so that you can remove the wagon handle and make it an official “push stroller” wagon. The website claims that this will allow you to get the wagon stroller into some theme parks that might not otherwise allow wagons. I have not tested this claim, but either way, I thought it was a great function to offer! 


Silver Series – $248.98 (w/FREE Shipping)
Titanium Series – $289.98 (w/FREE Shipping)

However, using my promo code MOMLIFESTORY will get you 5% off, bringing your total (before taxes & w/FREE SHIPPING) to:
Silver Series: $236.54
Titanium series: $279.45

In the next section, you’ll see a comparison of all the major push pull stroller wagons and what makes Custom Folding Wagon’s such a great price for the quality

While you can buy these Custom Folding Wagons/Creative Outdoor Push Pull Wagons from Amazon HERE, they are a bit more expensive and you have to have to pay for shipping. Your best deal is buying straight through the Custom Folding Wagons website

Custom Folding Wagons vs. Other Wagon Brands

First, I want to note that I have not personally tried out the below wagon brands. But: I’m an over-researcher 🙂 and assume that you probably also want to know that you’re getting the best deal. So here’s a comparison breakdown for Custom Folding Wagons vs several of the other popular/best folding push pull wagons currently on the market:

Keenz Stroller Wagon (more info: Keenz website, Amazon)
Pros: 5-point harness, good accessory options
Cons: pricey, no wagon handle option, no extended length option
Price: $390

Wonderfold Stroller Wagon (more info: Wonderfold website, Amazon)
Pros: deep carriage, mesh sides, bench seating, many configuration options available, can fit up to 4 kids
Cons: gets pricey, cheaper options don’t have pull option, or storage baskets, no extended length option, accessories often not included
Price: $260 (bare bones model)$1000 (highest priced model) 

Jeep Wrangler Stroller Wagon (more info: Target)
Pros: car seat adapter, 5-point harness, canopy side shade
Cons: limited accessory options, no wagon handle option, no extended length option
Price: $300

Evenflo Pivot Double Stroller Wagon (more info: Evenflo website, Target
Pros: individual seat canopies & kid snack trays, bucket seats
Cons: best for smaller children, no multiple seat configurations, no extended length option
Price: $350

Veer Crusier (more info: Veer website, Amazon)
Pros: multiple configurations, snack trays, cup holders, high grade materials & all terrain
Cons: very pricey, must purchase most accessories separately
Price: $600 (base model, does not include accessories)

Goplus/Sekey/TCP Global/WagonBuddy/etc (i.e. any wagon under $200)
Pros: the price
Cons: quality. Before going for one of these cheaper models, I strongly suggest checking out my previous wagon post. I originally purchased one of the cheaper models and unfortunately, it was obvious right away. The wheels couldn’t handle any weight and almost snapped on first use. I returned it. I strongly suggest looking for a higher quality wagon (either through a good sale or even buying used) instead or one of these ultra-cheap models. There’s also often no company customer support if something needs replaced as well as no option to purchase additional add-on accessories. 
Price: less than $200, but possibly not even worth it

Custom Folding Wagons (find at: Custom Folding Wagons website, Amazon)
Pros: extended wagon length option, 5-point harnesses, canopy sunroof, storage basket/canopy/cooler bag INCLUDED, higher handle height, push option and pull wagon handle option
Cons: no cup holders or car seat adapter
Price: only $236-$279 (if you purchase HERE and use my code RONNIPECK)

And now –

Prize: One (1) Push Pull Titanium Series Wagon w/Canopy from Custom Folding Wagons
Value: $289.98
Restrictions: Contiguous U.S. Only, ages 18+, winner must respond to contact attempt within 24 hrs. 
Dates: 11/27/19 – 12/12/19 11:59 PST
How to Enter: Using the giveaway widget below.
How often: There’s some DAILY entries in there, which means – come back daily to earn extra entries!!

Push Pull Folding Wagon Titanium Series GIVEAWAY from Custom Folding Wagons


Want more best folding push pull wagon info and pictures?? Here’s a bunch of 

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  1. This would be such a help on my wives back. She has scoliosis but our (chubby) 3 year old always throws tantrums to be held. This would be such a blessing. Thank you for the chance.

  2. Can we still get 5% off? It’s not bringing me to the link? Ive been researching hugh and low for a wagon/ stroller for my older, larger dog who has chronic pain and hip problems. I want her to be able to continue to do pet therapy for people who have dementia and this seems to be the best solution with the extension as she is 36 inches long (streched out).

    • Hmm – the coupon code should still work. I just tried it and it still applied. I don’t think it automatically comes off when you click through my link – you have to enter the code MOMLIFESTORY in the checkout process.

      I hope that helped!

  3. can you post a video or pic of how to remove the wagon handle? I currently do not have the wagon and i have no way of seeing in person. Also the basket, is that removable? can you get another basket to go on the front?

  4. THANK YOU!!! I just ordered a wagon and used your code!! So excited to get it and start using our new wagon!! (with all the cool and helpful options I’ve been looking for!!)

  5. Should probably update your pricing… I’m leaning hard towards this brand, but WISH I could get that price.

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