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April 2018 Date Night In Box Review - Easy Like Sunday Morning Before I get to this Date Night In box review, I have a confession: every time I hear the song Easy Like Sunday Morning by The Commodores, I think of the movie Baby Driver. If you haven’t seen Baby Driver, I highly recommend. It’s not just a bank heist/car chase movie, it’s got a magical score and every cut is spot on. For real. Here, watch this 6-min opening clip on youtube. You’ll be hooked. Even if you don’t typically like action films (which I usually don’t either). You might even end up buying the soundtrack too. 

Sorry, going off on a tangent here. Back to my Easy Like Sunday Morning Date Night In Box Review!

So you know how KP and I get to review a lot of these date night boxes? Every once in awhile, a box’s theme will totally surprise me as something I’d never thought of, but really kind of cool. That’s how I felt about this theme. In fact, once I opened up the box and realized the theme, I changed things up and instead of cleaning off and getting the kitchen table set up for the date night – I moved everything to the bedroom. 

And pretended it was morning and we lived the easy life pre-kids and actu ally got to lazily sleep in whenever we wanted. Ah, that life is but a distant memory now. Either way, enjoy this month’s review!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Date Night In, but as always, all these words and opinions and thoughts are my own – no one tells me what to write. Honesty and transparency are very important to me!

Here is April 2018’s Date Night In Box Review – Easy Like Sunday Morning:

April 2018 Date Night In Box Review - Easy Like Sunday MorningBox contents:

  • The Night In Boxes Times – the instruction guide “newspaper”
  • 2 packs of tea
  • A package of mini waffles
  • Maple syrup
  • A small bag w/2 dice
  • 2 pencils
  • An essential oil wipe

Definitely the most fun part of this date was the newspaper! It was adorable, and I loved how it fit in with the theme. It came complete with articles and even a crossword puzzle.

April 2018 Date Night In Box Review - Easy Like Sunday Morning

The date directions tell you to find a cozy, cuddly spot, so in my mind, I took this to be like a lazy Sunday morning, and set up the date materials on a tray in the bedroom. Oh, and those may look like cute matching coffee mugs filled with coffee. And they are. But not filled with coffee. Hey, don’t let the box theme fool you too much…this was an evening date after all still. 😉

April 2018 Date Night In Box Review - Easy Like Sunday Morning

Then we got all cozy-ed up together and started the Date Night In Spotify playlist (which thankfully began with the quintessential Commodores song, because if it hadn’t, idk what I would’ve done)

April 2018 Date Night In Box Review - Easy Like Sunday Morning
Aren’t we cute? Also, I wear glasses sometimes now.

April 2018 Date Night In Box Review - Easy Like Sunday MorningDid you guys know that Date Night In makes a Spotify playlist to go along with every date? (In all honesty, several of the date night box companies do too, but I don’t always listen to all of them during our dates.) It’s  really fun little addition to the dates. They also offer themed recipes. One of these days I’m going to prepare ahead of time and actually MAKE one of these recipes. This month they suggest Belgian Waffles, Kale & Goat Cheese Scramble, and Candied Bacon – doesn’t that sound awesome? I kind of wish I’d made them this time around. 🙁 Maybe next month…

For the rest of the date, we just kind of lounged around in bed. Read the newspaper, drank our “coffee”. We did a crossword puzzle together (which was harder than we realized it was going to be – how many words that mean “love’ can you think of? I admit that we ended up cheating and looking at the answers for the final ones we couldn’t figure out!), played a dice game, and did some Mad Libs together.

April 2018 Date Night In Box Review - Easy Like Sunday Morning

Then, as almost every single one of these date night boxes end up, we just sat and talked for a bit. I know I review so many of these date night boxes and you’re probably wondering if I really still enjoy doing them, and honestly – YES. They “force” KP and I to spend time together doing something new and different, and that’s always a good thing! Also, my love language is Quality Time, which probably explains it all. 🙂


All the Date Night In details:

  • $31.66 – $41.99/month, depending on subscription length you choose.
  • Shipping Cost: FREE Shipping
  • When you log into your DNI account, you can view recipes and playlists tailored to your each box’s theme.
  • They also have a “Faith Night In” option that you can add to your date nights, but I haven’t reviewed this option. You’re welcome to check it out if that seems like a good fit for you though.
  • They also have a Kids Night In box option, which I’ve reviewed HERE

Thanks Date Night In for letting us review one of your boxes!



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