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I don’t know abut the rest of you, but here we are, full-fledged into Christmas season…and I’m still in fully fall mode. 

But that’s also probably just how it is here in So Cal. The seasons are always confusing. Either that or the thought of Christmas just feels overwhelming, ha ha, so I’m hesitant to accept that it’s upon us? 

Either way, I’m glad that this date night box from Crated With Love was still focused on fall stuff. And apples. It was a cute theme. 

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Crated With Love, but they don’t tell me what to write or edit my words – this is all me! My own thoughts, my own opinion, my own experience.

Crated With Love‘s theme this month was called “Apple of My Eye”. As with all Crated With Love boxes, it opes with a story/adventure that you and your partner can immerse yourself in. And if you subscribed to the online bonus content (see here for info on that), then you also have access to their curated monthly spotify playlists, recipes and date night activities.

Box contents:
– Instruction Book
– Candle making supplies
– Fill Up The Basket game: mini apple erasers, spinner, playing cards
– Recipe card

– Gratitude Game Booklet
– Apple of My Eye completion metal badge/magnet

Just for fun, and to show you how low key our date night at home often are – and how you can still make time for a date night even in your pjs – here’s a pic that KP snapped of me stuffing my face (yumm hummus) while he was melting the candle wax. 🙂 


Activity 1:The Gratitude Candle
 If you read our last Crated with Love box review, we had a little bit of a snafu mixing the slime together. Apparently we’re on a roll w/making mistakes with these things because we also messed up the candle a little bit! These are not hard projects either. Sigh. 

Anyway. The first activity was candle making. You got to choose the color by melting your crayon of choice into the wax. Because half the wax ended up on the table, we scraped up and salvaged what we could. But I’d say that despite our mistake that the candle turned out to be pretty great after all! 


Activity 2: Fill Up The Basket
 KP totally schooled me on this one. I caught up there at the end a little bit, but not enough. This was a pretty simple game. Spin the spinner, read a card, take however many apples it tells you to. Bu KP and i had a good time with it. Mostly because we kept laughing at how many cards he got telling him to take apples..and how any I got telling me to give them away!

Activity 3: Apple of My Pie
 This activity had KP and I searching for a recipe together. I like how when told to find a recipe – KP goes to google, but *I* go to the actual BEST place to find recipes: Pinterest. 🙂  

Activity 4: Our Gratitude Booklet
 the This booklet was filled with games and was a nice little chill way to end the evening. We took the booklet over to the fireplace and worked on the crossword puzzle together. We actually, um, didn’t finish the entire booklet because we got distracted with talking and um, other stuff. I don’t think the people at Crated With Love will mind….I hope. Either way, it was a nice little segue into the rest of the evening!  

After the date, we added our date night badge to our collection. Hah – look at how many we’ve earned now! (if you want to read all our reviews of previous boxes, see below) It’s fun to keep these magnets on our fridge and remember the Crated With Love date night box adventures we’ve had. 

Once again, my kids assumed that any date night box materials left out the next morning were theirs to do with as they please. Hey, I love their creativity and imagination.  


Here’s a few more quick details about Crated With Love:

  • There’s 2 different kind of subscriptions: Digital Subscription (review here) $1.99/mo, and Story Mode Subscription (reviewed above); $17.99 – $26.99/mo depending on the options you choose
  • With the Story Mode Subscription, you choose to add online Bonus Content. The Bonus Content is a great option if you’d like to extend your date each month. It comes with weekly activities to go along with your date box, as well as curated Spotify playlists and themed recipes. I review the Bonus Content in more depth in my previous post, see here.
  • Free shipping, ships to U.S. only
  • If you click through THIS LINK to order, you’ll get $5 off your subscription!

  • HOLIDAY DELIVERY INFO: If you order by the 14th, then your box will ship out on the 15th and most likely get to you in time for Christmas. If you order after the 14th, CWL offers printable gift cards that you can give to your recipient. 🙂 

Thanks so much Crated With Love for letting us review your November 2019 Apple of My Eye date night box!

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