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Free Algebra 1 PowerpointsI’m someone who dreams big. I often start new projects with grand intentions of having time to follow them through. Except, reality happens. And then I don’t. I want to do waaaay more in life than I ever can and it’s been a rough acceptance that I can only do so much with whatever little life I’m lucky enough to be granted. 

One grand idea of mine was to create an online Algebra course (I’m a math teacher by trade), put it up on Udemy, and bring in passive income. Except, it never fully realized. I ran out of time and passion.

But not before I created the first several lessons. 

At this point, a full Algebra course is never going to materialize. So my loss is everyone else’s gain – I’m going to share these Algebra 1 powerpoints and practice worksheets with anyone else in the world who would like them. BUT ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE! To be clear, I am NOT giving permission for anyone to take my work (in whole or in part) and use it for their profit.

ALSO NOTE: I strongly suggest you download these free fonts first:

KG Ten Thousand Reasons

Orange Juice

so that the .ppt formatting stays as pretty as I meant it to. I’m already giving you free reign to take my work and edit it all up (but only for personal use), so please be kind to it. And use it to teach people math with it. Math is cool. 

dashedbarSolving Equations –
Intro to Expressions & Equations

U1L1Lesson Powerpoint: A1_U1SolEquL1_IntroToExpressionsEquations169
Lesson PDF: A1_U1SolEquL1_IntroToExpressionsEquations_pdf
Practice Problems (PDF): A1_U1L1_PracticeProblems_blank (no answer key provided at this time; I’ll provide one soon)


Solving Equations –
One-Step & Two-Step Equations

U1L2Lesson Powerpoint: A1_U1SolEquL2_OneStepTwoStepEquations169
Lesson PDF: A1_U1SolEquL2_OneStepTwoStepEquations169
Practice Problems (PDF): A1_U1L2_practiceproblems_blank (no answer key provided at this time; I’ll provide one soon)


Solving Equations –
Equations With Variables on Both Sides

U1L3Lesson Powerpoint: A1_U1SolEquL3_EquationswVariablesBothSides169
Lesson PDF: A1_U1SolEquL3_EquationswVariablesBothSides169
Practice Problems (PDF): A1_U1L3_PracticeProblems_blank (no answer key provided at this time; I’ll provide one soon)


Solving Equations –
Solutions & Justifying Your Work

U1L4Lesson Powerpoint: A1_U1SolEquL4_SolutionsCheckingYourWork169
Lesson PDF: A1_U1SolEquL4_SolutionsCheckingYourWork169


Solving Equations –
Translating Words into Expressions & Equations

U1L5Lesson Powerpoint: A1_U1SolEquL5_TranslatingWordsIntoEquations169
Lesson PDF: A1_U1SolEquL5_TranslatingWordsIntoEquations


Free Algebra 1 Powerpoints
 I hope you can get good use of these free Algebra 1 powerpoints and if you feel like returning the favor with a facebook like, twitter follow, and/or email subscribe, I’d certainly appreciate it ? 


1 Comment on 5 (Really Awesome) FREE Algebra 1 Powerpoints

  1. I have done the same thing also. I start out with this awesome idea. I work on it for some time, and then life gets in the way. Once I have the time to come back and complete it, I have other areas that I find more interesting now.

    I thought that I was the only person who ever did that, and now I have met another. Thank you for telling the internet world because I used to feel so bad about myself when I would do that. Now I don’t.

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