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Really this is what’s happening in the next 8 days, but 7 Things Happening in the Next 8 Days doesn’t have as nice of a ring.

Whew. I’m just going to throw this all out there quickly. I might indulge more eloquent words about #5 soon, if I can muster up the courage to not jinx it. Also more about #6 is to come too.

Linking up with Kelly at This Ain’t The Lyceum, of course.

For pre-text: I was gone in Pittsburgh for 5 days for training for my new job, we were home together for 2 nights, then KP left for 5 days to Michigan for a family emergency. He’s getting home within the hour. It’s been an interesting couple weeks.

#1: We’re going camping this weekend.

#2: KP and I are doing a skype casting interview for a reality show (don’t judge, details will come if anything happens from this, if not, you’ll never hear anything more).

#3: My mom’s coming to visit and sleeping on our couch.

#4: My daughter turns 4 and I have zero plans figured out for her birthday yet.

#5: KP and I are pitching the movie.

#6: KP and I are going for 2 WHOLE DAYS – ALONE – to a downtown hotel to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary! I’m blown away by this thought in so many ways.

#7: Um, I’m sure there’s something else crazy happening in there, but I cant remember and #1-6 already cover enough I think.

Whew. It will be an interesting week. Wish us luck/thoughts/prayers/fingers crossed/positive energy/whatever if you can, especially about #5.

Now for an obligatory post picture…um I’ll throw in something already loaded to the blog….from my last blog post about Ashely Madison. If you click the link to the post, please don’t judge us too much, ok?

P1000905 (2)

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