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When we did the re-do of our small house, there admittedly wasn’t much change to the kitchen area. Mostly because there wasn’t really anything else we could do to it. However, the laundry area has changed quite a bit, so I’m lumping both the kitchen and laundry room area into the same blog post.

(click to enlarge)

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Width: 6.5′
Length: 11′
Total Sq. Footage: 71.5 sq. ft. 

Width: 7′
Length: 4.5′
Total Sq. Footage: 31.5 sq. ft. 


Fridge & Hutch Area
If you look closely, you’ll notice the the corner of the hutch juts into the hall doorway, making this passageway a bit narrow. But eh, you do what you gotta do when you need the space.

We used to have a Keriug and microwave on the hutch shelf, but moved the coffee maker to the dining area, got a new/smaller microwave, and a toaster over. We also had to get a new fridge a year ago or so after our old one had compressor problems (though man, did I try to DIY repair that thing. I was gonna write an awesome blog post about it too…but I failed. I’m apparently not so good at DIYing as I thought. 🙁 ).

What I also love about this kitchen hutch is that it gives me more cabinet space to store things in. Lack of cabinet/cupboard space has been a struggle in this kitchen. But, we make it work!

Items Pictured:

 Kitchen Hutch 


Kitchen Buffet


 Fridge magnet weekly planner 


The Countertop

We don’t have a lot of countertop space. And there’s also no outlet on the counter either, so we had to place appliances elsewhere (there’s only one outlet in the entire kitchen. The fridge gets it.).

Meal prep is not exactly easy, but we utilize the “dining table” as well as these awesome wooden burner covers in order to give us more space. 

This over-the-stove pot holder shelf is pretty great too and has allowed us to free up a cabinet. 

I’m not sure if they sell this exact spice rack at Ikea anymore, but they probably have something similar. This has also allowed us to free up cabinet/cupboard space. 

Items Pictured:

Over-the-stove Cutting Board


 Wall Mounted Pot Rack


Hanging Spice Rack (different than mine, but similar)


Sink Area
We don’t have a dishwasher, so a portion of our counter space had to be turned into a dishwashing station. Back when it was just KP and I, we could get away with just this wall dish drainer from Ikea. But as our family has grown, and there’s been more dishes to wash, we’ve added a larger dish drainer from Ikea, as well as a Boon grass bottle drier (we used to have the regular square one, but then found this smaller rectangular one that fit our space better and opted for it instead). I also really like the little tree branch dryer piece that attaches to it. 

Items Pictured:

 Hanging dish drainer (this is not the same one I have, but a similar one)


 Hanging dish drainer


Boon Countertop Drying Rack


 Boon Twig Drying Rack Accessory


Over Sink Dish Drain (I don’t have this and just saw it, but it looks pretty awesome! I wish I’d known about it before)


Laundry Area
This If you scroll up and look at the before picture of the laundry area, you’ll notice that we used to only have a washing machine inside. That’s because the area is too small for a side by side washer/dryer! Also, there was no gas dryer hookup. So our washer was in the house, and the dryer was out in the back shed. Ha, I mean, not the most convenient thing in the world, but we did it for almost 7 years before upgrading to a stackable washer/dryer. But for real, omg, having both a washer & dryer in the house now is AWESOME!

On both the right and left walls, I hung hooks to contain odd and ends that accumulate. Bathing suits, bags, sweaters, etc. On the left, I have bag that contain bags. Yeah, bags that contain bags. I’m not crazy. But here in CA we now have non-disposable grocery bags and I save them all, as well as other paper bags and large plastic shopping bags. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle folks. 🙂

One of my best finds for our laundry area is this over-the-door hanger.It just baaaarely fits in this space, but it does. This is where we can hang up shirts and things that dont go in the dryer. 

Speaking of just barely fitting, the back door hits the washer when it opens so I had to tape some padding to it. I mean, sure, it looks ugly, but whatever. We have our washer AND dryer in the house now. I’ve got nothing to complain about. 🙂 

Our pantry is also back in the laundry area. It’s a tight fit, and I added some wire baskets to the inside door to give more room too. 

Items Pictured:


Over-the-Door Closet Rod


 Ikea OMAR metal shelves


 Mop and Broom Holder



Thanks for visiting and I hope you feel inspired and got some ideas how to make your own small space work!

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