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So I have a small house. The biggest room is the main room you walk into when you open the door. Depending on what you believe to be our proper square footage, this room is around 29% – 35% of our entire house (I did the math. I like math.). So, like, it’s a big deal to get it right. It’s our front entryway. Our living room. Our library. My desk area, craft area, manage-the-house area, command center, whatever you want to call it. Where the kids play. Where we watch tv. Where we put the Christmas tree and fold laundry. It’s the everything room. 

Welcome to our home!

(click to enlarge)
small home living room
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small home living room

Width: 16′
Length (window wall to kitchen table):15′
Sq. Footage: 240 sq. feet
Kids Play Area (behind couch): ~18 sq ft
Total Sq. Footage: 240-18222 sq. ft.


small home entry wayFront Entry Way
Someday, I’d love to have one of those entryway mudrooms that feels like a “proper” entrance into a home…but I’d also like to one day have a proper dining table as well, so hey, I can dream. 🙂

Ikea KALLAX front entry way small homeI’ve had this EXPEDIT/KALLAX 4×2 shelf from Ikea for years. It’s served a multitude of purposes and been in almost every room of the house at one point or another. Currently, it is a room divider to seperate out a front entryway area AND, let’s face it, a collector of random junk. See the doors and drawers we added on? Yeah, you don’t wanna see what’s behind them. 

Not pictured but for Black Friday, KP bought a new Dyson stick vacuum and we hung it up in the corner between the jackets and the KALLAX shelves. And it’s perfect. And awesome. And I’m actually vacuuming now that we have it and it makes vacuuming fun! 


Items Pictured:

 KALLAX 2×4 bookcase (IKEA / Amazon)


 KALLAX doors (IKEA / Amazon) & drawers (IKEA / Amazon) addon 


Items NOT Pictured:

Dyson v8 Animal


small home living room
The Living Room

If you haven’t already, scroll back up and check out the OLD picture of our living room. It was a mess. Well, ‘cluttered’ is the better word. What else were we supposed to do? We have no room for all the stuff we have and we’re not really minimalists. So instead we found a way to hide whatever we could.

Ikea BILLY bookcases and OXBURG doors small home living roomRemember how I was saying that I put those doors and drawers on the front entry KALLAX shelves? Yeah, that’s the same reason we bought these doors to go over our BILLY bookcases. We also bought one more BILLY bookcase so that we could cover the whole wall in bookshelves. Somehow even the mess behind the glass upper half looks nicer too, no?

small home living room

We got some new rugs. We got a new tv and mounted it on the wall to make more room. We added mirrors along the wall to make the room feel a bit bigger. I took the fabric red dandelion curtains in the old dining area and added it to the bottoms of the living room curtains in order to lengthen them to the floor.

Oh, and yes, we have a baby. And yes, there’s a lot of baby equipment things you can buy for baby. We don’t have a lot of room. But these are the two things we consider pretty indispensable: 
small home necessary baby equipment items a) Bouncer. I don’t care if this thing takes up half our living room. It saves the day and gives me a safe place to put baby so I have a safe place to set down baby where he feels part of everything going on.

b) Playmat with fold-up sides (important!). This is a first for us and something we didn’t have with the older two kids. But this thing is wonderful as a place baby can roll around with less likelihood of crazy older brother and sister running him over.

Ikea BEKVAM stools kids deskI’m going to take a moment and sing the high praises of these Ikea BEKVAM (IKEA / Amazon) stools. Believe it or not, these two stools are probably the most multi-functional pieces of furniture in our entire house! They’re like the Swiss army knife of furniture pieces in our small house. We use these as intended to reach things up high, but also as our side tables, coffee tables, and….as a kids desk/table. They get used a lot.

Items Pictured:

 BILLY bookcases (IKEA / Amazon)


 OXBURG bookcase doors (IKEA)


BEKVAM stool (IKEA / Amazon)


Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo


Bright Starts Play Activity Gym


 Manhattan Toy Winkel Teether


small home desk area
Work Desk

This is my most favorite spot in our entire house! And it’s the most recently renovated area as well. We previously had a standing desk here with a bunch of wall shelves. However, over time, the top wall shelf fell down (eek!) and everything else just seemed so cluttered all the time. Luckily for us, some friends of our bought this beautiful writing desk that had unfortunately arrived slightly damaged in the corner. When they called about a replacement, they were told to keep or throw out the damaged desk…so they gave it to us. And it’s perfect! Fits perfectly in this space, and the damaged left corner is hidden. 

We paired it with this NILS armchair that just happened to be on sale at our local Ikea when we visited. The arms of the chair ended up being just a teeeny bit too tall to slide easily under the desk, so we put bricks under the legs. It works. 🙂 I kept the ASKVOLL drawers that I had before because they have supplies and things in them that I didn’t want to find another home for. 

A trip to Target supplied the wall decor. Only one small shelf to hold only a few things (so I cant be inclined to clutter it up too much 🙂 ) A chalkboard, a bulletin board, and some cool geometric design pictures to remind me that sometimes I like to be weird and think about the 4th dimension

Y’all, this is like a legit blogger’s/writer’s desk now. I’m totes legit guys. Or at least I look the part now. 🙂 

Items Pictured:

 Mid Century Writing Desk


 NILS Armchair (IKEA)


 ASKVOLL drawers (IKEA)


Geometric Framed Canvases


 Wooden Shelf With S Hooks


 Bulletin Board With Chalkboard & Hooks


Thanks for visiting and I hope you feel inspired and got some ideas how to make your own small space work!

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700 Sq Ft, Family of 5: The 'Everything Room': Entryway, Desk Area, Living Room Combo


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