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pin image for non-candy advent calendarsLooking for 2019 advent calendars for kids or the whole family? Every year I’m like “We should do an advent calendar this year!” And every year I get distracted or busy or I start feeling cheap and we don’t. But somehow this time of year I always end up researching them (because overresearching is my thing), so hey, I figure I might as well share my knowledge with all of you in case you find it handy. 

Why do an advent calendar with your kids?
It’s fun and helps them manage timeline expectations in their excitement for Christmas. 

What advent calendars am I getting for my kids this year?
I can’t tell you yet just in case my kids see me typing this post and figure it out. :) If you want to know which ones we decided to go with, be sure to follow my instagram and/or facebook, as I’ll probably post there before updating this post.

Want more advent calendars for kids ideas, as well as DIY/cheaper/non-commercial versions?
Follow my Christmas pinterest board here. I add lots of advent calendar ideas I find there. 

What 2019 Advent Calendars for Kids did I get for *my* kids?

TBA on 12/1!!
Follow my instagram and/or facebook if you want to know when I present on my kids! 


Nativity Advent Calendars for Kids:

Fisher Price Little People Nativity Advent Calendar 




Cleaver Creations Nativity Scene Book Advent Calendar




Toddler Advent Calendars for Kids: 

Fisher Price Little People Advent Calendar




Playmobil 1.2.3. Advent Calendar – Christmas on the Farm




VTech Go! Smart Wheels Advent Calendar




Other Toy Advent Calendars for Kids:

Hot Wheels 2019 Advent Calendar




Moshi Squish Toy 2019 Advent Calendar




Disney Pixar Cars Advent Calendar




Wind Up Toys Advent Calendar




Mega Constructs American Girl Advent Calendar




Pull Back Toy Car Advent Calendar




Wind Up Toys Advent Calendar





Every year, Lego offers a few advent calendars. I really wish they’d add a Duplo advent calendar, but haven’t seen one before. If you’re not picky, often times you can get the previous years advent calendar for cheaper, and I mean, it’s not like kids know the difference, right? 

2019 LEGO City Advent Calendar




2019 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar




2019 LEGO City Advent Calendar




2019 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar





Santa’s Workshop Advent Calendar




Christmas Ball Advent Calendar




Road to the Cup Advent Calendar





Dinosaur Figurine 2019 Advent Calendar




Jungle Safari Animal Advent Calendar




Paw Patrol 2019 Advent Calendar




Schleich Dinosaurs Advent Calendar




Schleich Horse Club Advent Calendar




Disney Mickey Mouse Advent Calendar




Schleich Horse Club Advent Calendar





Mr. Holmes Detective Stories Advent Calendar




Metal Wire Puzzle Toy Advent Calendar




Advent Candle




Christmas Tree:

Christmas Tree 2019 Advent Calendar




Melissa & Doug Magnetic Advent Calendar





BIC Advent Calendar




DIY Fluffy Slime Advent Calendar




Play-Doh Doh Vinci Advent Calendar




Crayola Kids Advent Calendar




For Grown Ups:

Men’s Toiletry Products Advent Calendar




TingleTouch The Advent Calendar for Couples




The Advent Calendar for Couch Potatoes




Other 2019 Advent Calendars:

Girl Accessories Advent Calendar




Let me know if you find any other interesting non-candy advent calendars for kids or the whole family and I’ll add them to this list!



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