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2019 Ultimate HEALTHY LIVING Bundle Review & Why I'm (probably) NOT Buying ItThe 2019 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. Ok guys, I’ve been reviewing these Ultimate Healthy Living Bundles (as well as some of their other bundles) for awhile now. However, I opted NOT to buy the bundle this year, so I can’t give an in-depth review of the actual products this time around.

But if you want to poke around a bit below, I’ll still give you:

  1. a list of everything included.
  2. Amazon links and/or any product note I may have.
  3. why I chose to NOT probably not possibly not buy the bundle this year.

If you’re new to these bundles – GO HERE FIRST!! For answers to all the big burning questions: Are the Ultimate Bundles Legit? Scam? Amazing Deal? Or Marketing Ploy?

Why Am I Not (well, probably not) Buying The 2019 Healthy Living Bundle?

I actually really like a few of the sections – specifically Garden & Home, Healthy Kids, and Hormones – but I just don’t have the time and focus in my life right now to dive into all of this. Also, I’m not thrilled on any of the bonuses this time around. So overall, I’m kind of “eh”.

I’m also being super picky with money at the moment, and don’t know if I really want to spend the money. 

But, the more I look at some of these, the more I maybe sort of, kind of, am thinking about it. Yes, the whole “get-it-now-before-it’s gone” think gets to me too. lol. 

So basically, I don’t think I’m going to buy this 2019 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. But there’s a small chance I’ll change my mind before the sale is over. We’ll see. 🙂

If you’re trying to decide if it’s worth it for you too – here’s my suggestion:

This Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle might be FOR YOU if:
– You would use at least $50-$100 worth of its’ resources (scroll down for the contents & to decide for yourself).
– You have an extra $37 lying around you can spend on this.

But DON’T buy this Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle if:
– You don’t think you’ll use at least $50-$100 worth. 
– You’re on a tight budget and shouldn’t be spending an extra $37 on a non-necessity right now. 
– You bought last year’s Healthy Living bundle and are still working your way through that one. 

Dates: Sept. 4th (8am EST) – Sept. 9 (midnight EST)
Cost: $37.00

**ORANGE LINKS – denote Amazon links for further reviews/info**

Allergy Friendly (7 products worth $79.90)

  • Ancestrally Inspired Dairy Free Recipes by Sarah Pope (eBook) $9.99
    Inspired by classical preparation methods and traditional dietary principles that delight the taste buds and nourish the metabolism. 
  • Food Allergy Awareness Expedition Cookbook by The Allergy Chef (eBook) $5.95
    Recipes and resources that are gluten free, and top 8 allergy free.
  • Going Gluten Free by Alexx Stuart (eCourse) $28.00
    A practical guide to going gluten-free.
  • Grain Free Paleo Snacks by Jill Tieman (eBook) $2.99
    The perfect place to get nutritious snack ideas that will keep your kids happy and healthy! The snacks are grain free and gluten free, they are also made without any chemical additives, refined sugar, soy, or dairy.
  • Party Food: Top 8 Free Recipes to Please Your Guests by Kelly Roenicke (eBook) $8.99
    Delicious top 8 allergen free recipes that will make your party fun for you and your guests!
  • Sweet Quick Breads by Starlene D. Stewart (eBook) $7.99
    Contains well-loved favorites like Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf & Banana Bread plus new creations made with real food but are grain-free thanks to the use of coconut flour.
  • The Elimination Diet: A Complete Guide to Conquer Eczema & Food Sensitivities by Abby Lai (eBook) $15.99
    Learn how to conquer your food sensitivities and your eczema.
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Alternative Health (9 products worth $375.83)

  • Aromatic Anchors: Using Essential Oils for Emotional Support by Kristyn Bango (eCourse) $99.00
    Learn how to incorporate mindfulness practices and essential oils to anchor our emotions in aromas.
  • Cancer and EMF Radiation: How to Protect Yourself from the Silent Carcinogen of Electropollution by Brandon LaGreca (eBook) $4.99
    Details the science showing DNA damage from non-ionizing EMFs, mechanisms of action leading to cancer formation from EMF exposure, and practical strategies to protect you and your family.
  • Essential Oils: Separating Truth from Myth by Kristen Smith (eBook) $9.95
    Dispels 25 common essential oil myths, replacing each one with factual information the average person can understand.
  • Gut Repair Kickstart by Jodi Cohen (eCourse) $99.95
    Jump starts your transformation, helping you boost energy, clear anxiety and reduce belly bloat.
  • Herbal Stress Management for an Easy Transition to Fall by Christine Dalziel (eCourse) $97.00
    Learn to deal with seasonal stress naturally so that you and your family can thrive through fall and winter, avoid sickness, manage overwhelm, and enjoy life more.
  • Kitchen Spices for Whole Body Health: Recipes & Remedies from Your Kitchen Apothecary by Heidi Villegas (eBook) $10.00
    Learn how the spices you have in your own kitchen can help you become healthier with 32 recipes and home remedies you can make right now to support your whole body!
  • Medicinal Body Care by Stacy Karen (eBook) $12.95
    Learn to soothe aches and pains and treat cuts, scrapes, and bites with simple DIY home remedies. 
  • The Beginner’s Guide To Adaptogens: Herbs for Energy, Stress Relief & Immune Support by Heather Dessinger (eBook) $14.99
    Adaptogenic herbs have been used by Vikings, Siberian hunters, and even astronauts for energy, an increased resistance to stress, and immune support. In this guide, you’ll learn about twelve that you can use in daily life along with recipes to get you started. 
  • The Natural Guide to Motherhood by Katie Bernays (eBook) $27.00
    Mothering naturally has never been simpler. Katie and Jasmine take you through Acupressure and Infant Massage techniques and loads of tips and tricks using essential oils for every stage of your motherhood journey.


Brain & Mental Health (4 products worth $240.00)

  • Get Happy: 30 Day Challenge by Jess Stuart (eCourse) $49.00
    Learn 30 simple, quick, free and easy changes to incorporate into your life to transform it in just a month.
  • Seven Secrets to a Healthy Mind: For Mental Health, Wellbeing & Resilience by Dr. Tom Nehmy (eCourse) $33.00
    Learn the secrets to having a healthy mind and building your personal effectiveness.
  • Stress Mastery System by Dr Heidi Hanna (eCourse) $99.00
    Learn how to transform your relationship with stress right now!
  • Superhuman Brain Masterclass: Solutions to Heal & Upgrade Your Brain to High Performance for Life by Dr. Ryan Wohlfert and Dr. Isaac Jones (Summit) $59.00
    The world’s top neuroscientists, brain researchers, doctors and biohackers have gathered to provide you with proven solutions to heal & upgrade your brain to high performance for life.

Chronic Illness (2 products worth $99.00)

  • How to Create Your Own Action Plan for Recovery by Jennifer Mulder (eBook) $10.00
    A step-by-step guide on rebuilding your health after illness or injury. 
  • Mindfulness for the Chronic Life: How Mindfulness and Meditation Can Help Manage Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Insomnia, Anxiety and Overwhelm by Melissa Reynolds (eCourse) $89.00
    This course teaches you practical, actionable ways to reap the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in your chronic life.
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Diet/Detox (7 products worth $149.99)

  • 6 Week Mind/Body Reset Program: Transform Your Diet, Your Mindset, and Your Life by Kelly Page (eCourse) $47.00
    A step-by-step, done-for-you diet and lifestyle plan that helps increase energy, pump up your vitality, build confidence, and transform your body, mind, and spirit without deprivation or compromise.
  • 7 Day Sugar Detox by Kalee Sorey Dillard (eBook) $10.00
    A guide that includes tips for grocery shopping, tricks to getting the best results and your meal plan! 
  • Intermittent Fasting: A Beginner’s Guide by Jess Williams (eBook) $4.99
    Fasting has a bad rap. This eBook will help you see what the health benefits of fasting are, and how you can choose a type of fast that fits with your health goals and your lifestyle.
  • The 7 Day Keto Challenge by Toni Coleman-Brown (eCourse) $7.00
    The perfect online video-guided program for beginners who have struggled in the past to lose weight and are interested in learning how to use fat to fight fat. 
  • The Couples’ Guide to Nutritional Low Carb by Kimi Kinsey (eBook) $37.00
    A guide to nutritional low carb for the adult couple seeking to lose weight together.
  • The Ultimate Candida Diet by Lisa Edwards & Dr Eric Wood (eBook)
    A detailed 5-step treatment plan to beat Candida and recover your gut health. Written by Lisa Richards, nutritionist and author of TheCandidaDiet.com, and Dr Eric Wood, a US-licensed naturopathic doctor.
  • Zero to Plant-Based: A Simple Guide for Starting a Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet by Summer Sebastian (eBook) $7.00
    Offers a practical, non-judgmental approach to the whole food, plant-based lifestyle, which makes it the perfect resource for beginner and intermediate plant-eaters alike. 

Exercise (8 products worth $390.88)

  • 5 x 5 Challenge by Beth Learn (eCourse) $24.97
    Are you looking for a FAST and SIMPLE jumpstart to your fitness routine that you can do anywhere at any time?
  • Health and Fitness Planner by Amy Babin (Printable) $7.95
    Succeed before you even start by planning ahead to achieve your health and fitness goals!
  • Healthy Moving Neck & Shoulder Bundle: Exercises to Ease Upper Body Tension by Jen Hoffman (eCourse) $39.97
    This classes in this bundle will help you ease neck and shoulder pain and tension!
  • Monday Motivation: 52 Weeks of Inspiration to Keep Moving by Shelley English (Workbook) $9.99
    52 weeks of motivational quotes and form journal pages you can use and re-use to get the inspiration you need to “keep moving” while capturing your dreams and achieving your goals.
  • No Gym Needed 30 Day Challenge by Lise Cartwright (eCourse) $29.00
    Quick and simple workouts for gals on the go!
  • Pilates for Back Pain by Lynda Lippin (eCourse) $97.00
    Learn how to help yourself (and your clients, if you are a trainer or teacher) get a handle on back pain, as we learn how to safely perform the full Pilates Mat, with modifications as needed.
  • Steph Yoga: 6-Week Body Transformation Program by Stephanie Jones (eCourse) $167.00
    Change your body, change your life.
  • The Wellness Bundle: The Ultimate Exercise Guide For Moms Of Littles, Veggie Recipes and Meal Planner by Jennifer Wagner (eBook) $15.00
    The easy way to inch yourself closer to your health and wellness goals. 


Garden & Home (12 products worth $307.37)

  • Backyard Chickens: How To Have A Happy Flock by Kathryn Robles (eBook) $3.49
    Learn how to keep your flock at their happiest and healthiest without a lot of extra work on your part!
    SIDE NOTE: Way back in oh, the 2015 Healthy Living Bundle there was another chicken book and I stated how I wished I could one have chickens. And I now have like a dozen of them and love it!!!
  • Healthy Home Planner: 2020 Digital Version by Teresa Jungling (Printable) $19.95
    Make your home healthier in 2020 with weekly and monthly motivational quotes, checklists, cheat sheets, resources, and a gratitude log.
  • Learning And Yearning’s Guide to Fermentation by Susan Vinskofski (eBook) $7.00
    Just what you need if you are new to the sometimes confusing world of fermented foods.
  • No Nonsense Bathroom Natural Cleaning Methods by Kristy Doubet Haare (eBook) $7.99
    While every room in your home comes with its own cleaning challenges. The bathroom is quite possibly the biggest challenge! Tackle it now.
  • Simple Succession Planting by Angi Schneider (Workbook) $7.99
    Teaches you how to make the most of whatever garden space you have. Learn how to easily succession plant with the tips and special calculator.
  • Super Easy Guide to Seed Starting: Step-by-Step Guide to Planting Vegetables by Kristi Stone (eBook) $7.00
    A beginner’s guide to growing vegetables from seed to garden.
  • The Abundant Veggie Patch System by Nicola Newman (eCourse) $206.00
    A com­pre­hen­sive, 5 module, self-paced online gar­den­ing course for beginner gardeners to help you grow delicious, healthy organic food to support your health and wellbeing.
  • The Beginner’s Garden QuickStart Guide by Jill McSheehy (eBook) $9.99
    Plan, plant, and grow your own garden in as few as 30 minutes per week — no experience necessary!
  • The Complete Garden Planner by Courtney Johnson (Printable) $8.99
    Everything you need to make your gardening hopes into a vegetable producing space in your own backyard. 
  • The Healthy Home: Transform Your Home Room by Room by Erin Odom (eBook) $10.00
    Erin walks you through every room in your house, breaking down specific items you can use and providing general suggestions that you can apply immediately so you can discover how to make your home healthy.
  • The Rootsy Guide to Backyard Foraging by The Rootsy Network (eBook) $6.97
    This guide will show you how easy it is to begin foraging wild herbs to use for tea, food, and medicine.
  • Ultimate Gardening Planner & Journal by Julie Gropp (Workbook) $12.00
    Plan your space to get maximum vegetable production, nourish and protect your garden all season, set monthly goals to sustain a productive garden and track inventory and garden harvest.
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Healthy Kids (9 products worth $246.97)

  • Children’s Yoga: The Secret Weapon To Keep Your Kids Healthy by Ashley Tukiainen (eBook) $32.99
    With this book and 2 bonus products, watch your children thrive simply by learning yoga!
  • Ease Your Kids (and Spouse) Into Healthy Eating by Emily Bendler (eBook) $4.99
    How to change your family’s eating habits without the guilt or drama.
  • Easy, Wholefood Lunchboxes by Brenda Janschek (eBook) $10.00
    Packed with 40 delicious nut-free, sweet and savoury wholefood recipes your kids will love!
  • Food & The Brain: A Simple ADHD Eating Plan by Mary Tate (eBook) $7.00
    Science is showing that food does affect our brains and with this eBook, you will be able to make smart food choices that will help you on your journey to wellness for your child.
  • Healthy Baby by Wardee Harmon (eCourse) $97.00
    Help your baby make a healthy transition from milk to solid foods!
  • Healthy Eating for Kids by Dr Orlena Kerek (Summit) $49.00
    Teach your kids life long healthy eating habits with health and feeding experts to show you easy strategies you can apply now. 
  • Instant Pot & Slow Cooker Meals Kids Can Make by Katie Kimball (eCourse) $25.00
    An engaging video eCourse for kids to take them from total rookies in the kitchen to safely making homemade healthy meals in the Instant Pot and slow cooker (even without learning to use a knife). 
  • Kid’s Recipe Binder by Laura Rizer (Printable) $3.99
    This recipe binder helps encourage kids to develop healthy eating habits and practice cooking their favorite recipes!
  • What the Heck is Executive Function, and Why Should I Care? by Elaine Taylor-Klaus (eCourse) $17.00
    A clear, concise video and eBook that gets to the heart of what’s important for parents to know about executive function.

Hormones (8 products worth $258.35)

  • 5 Hacks to Boost Your Perimenopause Power by Karen Shopoff Rooff (eCourse) $27.00
    Simple lifestyle changes you can make TODAY to regain your energy, confidence, and zest for life while riding the midlife hormone rollercoaster!
  • Contraception Deception: Open and Honest Discussion Between Your Wholistic Gynecologist and Eastern Medicine Doctor by Nat Kringoudis (eBook) $2.65
    If there is one book that every woman making a birth control decision should have as a reference it is this.
  • Fix Your Fertility: 14 Day Cleanse by Nicole Jardim (eCourse) $47.00
    The ultimate cleanse for supercharged fertility.
  • Fueling Male Fertility: Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations for Men Trying to Conceive by Lauren Manaker (eBook) $8.95
    Guidance for men trying to conceive focusing on evidence-based diet and lifestyle interventions.
  • Natural Support Through Perimenopause & Menopause by Mary Greensmith (eCourse) $35.00
    The vital information you need to know to sail through peri menopause into a peaceful menopause using natural remedies.
  • Naturally Healthy Hormones:  A Guide to Seasonal Herbal Support for Women by Caitlin Frazier & Meagan Visser (eBook) $27.00
    A guide to herbal hormonal support for women throughout various seasons of life.
  • Nourish Your Adrenals: Meals and Tips to Energize your Body and Mind by Jules Galloway (eBook) $13.75
    Recipes and essential information for women who are going through fatigue and burnout.
  • Sync Your Life Collection by Laura Charelle (Workbook) $97.00
    Cycle syncing (when a woman partners her food, fitness, and lifestyle habits to her monthly cycle) can increase energy, improve mood, and lower hormonal symptoms. The Sync Your Life Collection helps women learn and align with their monthly cycle.

Lifestyle (12 products worth $462.96)

  • 4 Week Healthy Transition Plan by Cara Harvey (eCourse) $29.00
    This plan allows you to make the right changes and the right time for long lasting healthy living!
  • A Christian’s Guide to Jumpstart Your Health by Kiesha Easley (eCourse) $97.00
    A Christian’s guide to healing and natural weight loss.
  • Fall into Autumn’s Bounty: A Slow Seasonal eCourse by Kathie N. Lapcevic (eCourse) $47.00
    Celebrate the fall season by embracing Autumn’s food, herbs, and energy.
  • Food Goals: Make Over Your Meals to Fit Your Priorities by Jessica Fisher (Workshop) $17.00
    A concise, 2-hour workshop to help you stress less and make over your meals to fit your priorities. 
  • Health News: Fake vs Real by Leesa Klich (eCourse) $59.00
    Looks at what fake news is, how it spreads, and how to keep and build your credibility with five simple steps. 
  • Lessons From Veganism by Hannah Lobb (eBook) $7.99
    Healing Habits, Personal Growth and Evolution. These twelve real-life lessons will empower you with the realization that veganism isn’t about changing the world, it’s about how it can change you from the inside out.
  • Natural Childbirth Affirmation Recordings by Genevieve Howland (Audio) $16.00 Empowering, uplifting affirmations set to soothing music — specifically for pregnant mamas who want to go natural.
  • Printable Health Trackers by Megan Duesterhaus (Printable) $22.00
    This comprehensive kit can help you monitor everything from medications to blood pressure, healthy habits to sleep and so much more, ensuring you stay on top of all your health and medical details!
  • The Well Woman Vitality Pack by Jenny Eden Berk, Cait Byrnes and Sarah Steckler (eCourse) $147.00
    Seven conversational masterclasses where you can dive deep into core wellness topics and share strategies, tips, and real-world examples of how to shift your mindset and take action into improving your life and empowering yourself each day! 
  • Transform Your Pantry/Transform Your Life: Your 15 Day Blueprint to Eating Clean and Living Green by Holly Bertone (eBook) $7.99
    This 15-day blueprint walks you through the steps to transition your family’s food, personal care, and cleaning products from normal every-day chemical-laden items to an all-natural and organic home. 
  • Wellness Framework Self-Assessment Guide by Beth Ricci (Workbook) $7.99
    Focus on the 5 essential pillars of health and wellness in order to build a rock-solid foundation, and take charge of your life like never before. 
  • Wellness Planner by Jessica Evans (Printable) $4.99
    Make tomorrow healthier by tracking today.
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Nutrition (6 products worth $200.98)

  • 5 Ingredient Challenge by Naughty Nutrition (eCourse) $27.00
    Teaches you how to cook simple, healthy foods with only 5 ingredients.
  • Eat to Peak: Sports Nutrition for Runners and Triathletes by Chrissy Carroll (eBook) $9.99
    If you’re a runner or triathlete searching for a great reference to help narrow down your nutrition and fueling needs, look no further – this book is for you!
  • Meatless Protein 101 by Karen Gilman (eBook) $9.99
    Provides you with some quick and easy tips on how to get good-quality vegetarian protein with every meal and snack.
  • Navigating the Grocery Store: Learn to Shop Like a Health Pro by Ameryn Briggs (eBook) $47.00
    Learn to shop like a health pro, so you can make smart decisions for you and your family.
  • The Eat to Live Beginner’s Guide by Kim Murphy (eCourse) $97.00
    In this comprehensive course, you will learn how to make simple, fast, & delicious whole food plant based recipes, discover time-saving tips, learn how to save money, & know how to navigate restaurants & social situations to make eating to live easy!
  • You Can Do This! The First Five Steps to a Real Food Kitchen by Laura Coppinger (eCourse) $10.00
    This eCourse helps transform yout kitchen into a real food kitchen with simple steps that you can tailor make to fit your family’s needs.

Recipes (7 products worth $95.17)

  • Keto Instant Pot Cookbook by Maria Emmerich (eBook) $10.00
    This book has more than 70 amazing recipes. And every recipe has slow cooker instructions too!!
  • Keto Under 30 by Megan Ellam (eBook) $34.23
    From prep time to plate, this book delivers fast and delicious healthy keto meals that the whole family will love.
  • Low Carb Casseroles by Lisa MarcAurele (eBook) $7.00
    This eBook contains over 50 keto friendly casserole recipes for the ultimate in low carb comfort food!
  • Low Carb Family Meals by Libby Jenkinson (eBook) $12.00
    This book will help your family finally stop the sugar and junk food. All recipes are made with easy to find ingredients you probably have in your fridge and pantry right now.
  • Restocking the Pantry: Easy-to-Make Condiments to Save Money and Nourish Your Family by Kresha Faber (eBook)
    Condiments are a part of nearly every meal, yet they are one of the most common sources of hidden sugars and artificial ingredients. Making your own condiments is one EASY way to make strides toward helping your family be as healthy as they can be.
  • Superfood Green Smoothies: 30 Delicious + Easy Recipes by Kate Kordsmeier (eBook) $14.95
    30 delicious and easy recipes to reduce inflammation, balance hormones, improve digestion and help you feel great!
  • The Vegetarian Mom by Jennifer Chauvin (eBook) $7.00
    Quick and easy vegetarian recipes for the whole family.

Sleep (2 products worth $308.99)

  • In Search of Sleep: Finally Getting that Good Night’s Rest You’ve Been Looking For by Jason Ricci (eBook) $9.99
    If you have been struggling to sleep, read this book, follow it’s advice, and start enjoying regular, restorative, restful sleep at last.
  • Sleep Reset Program by Joanna Sochan (eCourse) $299.00
    Simple and effective natural sleep solutions in the form of the self-paced step-by-step, practical and easy to follow online sleep system to reboot your sleep, using safe and effective natural medicine methods and tools.
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The Healthy Living Bundle BONUSES

  • FREE $20 Gift Certificate from Perfect Supplements, $20 value (EARLY BIRD)
  • FREE $15 Gift Certificate from TriLight Health, $15 value
  • FREE $20 Gift Certificate from Get Kombucha, $20 value
  • FREE $15 Gift Certificate (or free SPOT treatment) from Bloom Naturals, $15 value
  • FREE $25 Gift Certificate from Balance One (LIMIT FIRST 500 ORDERS. This one won’t be available to order until 9/4), $25 value
  • FREE 3 month subscription from MASHUP® (LIMIT FIRST 500 ORDERS. This one won’t be available to order until 9/4), $29.97 value
  • FREE 2oz Elderberry Tincture from Earthley, $17.99 value
  • FREE Soap & Lip Balm from Puro Co, $15 value
  • FREE Eyeshadow Duo from Orglamix, $18 value
  • FREE Purely Shea from MadeOn, $17.50 value


>> I’m interested in learning more about the bundle. Take me to the 
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1 Comment on 2019 Ultimate HEALTHY LIVING Bundle Review & Why I’m (probably) NOT Buying It

  1. Hi Ronni! I guess you just saved me $37! 🙂 After reading your review, I decided to not go for the bundle. I may get one or two individual things, now that I have your list. I am not in the US, so the bonus stuff would probably cost me a fortune to ship, so that is also not worth it.
    Anyway, many thanks for your detailed and honest review of the bundle – I had been looking for one for a few days (since I started getting bombarded with emails about it) and was very happy to find yours. I am not on Instagram and am weaning off Facebook, so I went for the other option and signed up for your emails. I still haven’t received any confirmation email, though.
    Good luck with the new blog and I am looking forward to checking your other posts on this one – off I go explore!

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