Month: September 2018

The ORIGINAL List of At Home Date Night Subscription Boxes (w/promo codes!)

While I also cover heavier marriage issues in my blog, this post deals with something a bit lighter, but still very important to the success of marriage relationships: Spending Quality Time Together, aka Date Night.

If you’re in a rut of trying to come up with ideas for date nights, or if you don’t really have time for date nights, or you don’t want to spend the money to hire a babysitter, these at home date night subscription boxes take care of most of the work for you. Read more…

When You’re Just Not Feeling Date Night – It’ll Still End Up Worth It

I’ve said this before, but the best part of doing these date night box reviews is that they FORCE KP and I to spend concentrated, focused time together.  That probably sounds pathetic, right? Here I blog all about marriage all the time and I don’t even have these awesome regular connection times with my own […] Read more…

2018 Ultimate HEALTHY LIVING Bundle Review – Should You? Or Shouldn’t You?

If you’re looking for Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle reviews, you’ve found the place to be. But first, if you haven’t read my other, main, Ultimate Bundles Review post, you need to read that first. 

For real. You need to understand the whole point behind these ultimate bundles first. Go read it here:

Are the Ultimate Bundles Legit? Scam? Amazing Deal? Or Marketing Ploy?
Ok, now that you’re back – you’ll know that I don’t often recommend these bundles. I usually take the approach of “eh, this’ll be a good fit for some, but otherwise, don’t waste your money”. So for me to actually LIKE one of these bundles, means that I actually like it. Please know that honesty is super, duper important to me and I’d MUCH rather have your trust than your money.  Read more…