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Heads Up:
~~ If you’re looking for the 2018 Healthy Living Bundle, you’re in the WRONG PLACE (this review is for the 2017 version).~~





For the past couple years, I’ve reviewed several of the Ultimate Bundles (see here for my list of other bundle reviews), the two biggest each year being the Homemaking bundle in the spring and the Healthy Living bundle in the fall. However, this time around – and since I pride myself on being extremely honest in this blog – I decided not write a 2017 Healthy Living bundle review. Because I decided not to buy it. 

Here’s why I’m not buying the 2017 Healthy Living Bundle:
(see below for a list of everything included in this years bundle)

  1. I wasn’t interested in the Bonuses. Typically, the Bonuses are the part that convince me to buy a bundle. Previous year’s Healthy Living bundles were more enticing to me. The only bonus in the 2017 bundle that I found enticing was the one from Grove Collaborative. If you’ve never had a Grove membership, then the bundle could be worth it for the trial VIP program alone…but otherwise, eh. The bonuses did not impress me. See here for a post comparing Grove vs. Amazon. 
  2. There’s no “natural living” section. In the 2015 Healthy Living bundle, there was a section about taking care of the environment. One of the ebooks I skimmed through really impacted me and helped me to start making better choices in my life as far as waste and the ‘carbon footprint’ I’m leaving. I was bummed not to see any section in this years bundle about environmentally-friendly practices.
  3. While I liked that there was a section for women w/resources on pregnancy and fertility, including quitting hormonal birth control – this is a bit too late for me, lol. I just finished having my (pretty sure it’s my) last child and no longer interested in maintaining my optimal fertility. I also no longer use hormonal birth control either. 
  4. The Gardening and Home Remedies sections should’ve interested me, but idk, they just didn’t. I like essential oils as much as the next person interested in home health care…but soooo much of this you can find on pinterest. For free. And easier than reading through an entire ebook or watching an ecourse. Speaking of, anyone interested in a list of essential oils to use in labor? Check our my FREE printable here
  5. A good third of the bundle is recipe books. Gluten-free, Paleo. Keto. Real Food. Do people actually read recipe ebooks? And pay for them? There’s so much you can found out there for free that the recipe ebooks seem feel like filler to increase the bundle price.

However, though this bundle is not the right fit for me, it might be the perfect fit for what you need in your life right now. If you’d like to check the bundle out for yourself, see HERE. 


Bundle Contents:

Alternative Health
  • 14 Day Meal Plan: For Balancing Hormones and Restoring Gut Health by Kelsey Steffen ($14.99)
  • A Natural Approach to Digestive Health and Wellness by Natalie Vickery ($12.99)
  • Balance Your Blood Sugar, Balance Your Life by Jill Grunewald ($17.00)
  • Lose Weight by Correcting Gut Disorders with Homeopathy by Joette Calabrese ($7.00)
  • Healing Eczema: When Dieting Is Not Enough by Abby Lai ($18.99)
  • The 3 Day Smoothie Cleanse by Alyssa Rimmer ($8.95)
  • Top 20 Supplements for Healthy Living by Shiroko Sokitch, MD ($297.00)
  • Understanding Your Hypothyroid & Hashimoto’s Symptoms by Lisa LeVerrier ($19.00)
  • Winter Home Cleanse by Noah Volz ($147.00)
DIY Beauty & Skincare
  • 50 All-Natural Skin Care Solutions Using Essential Oils by Melanie Habibzadeh ($17.97)
  • Calendula for Your Skin by Kami McBride ($79.00)
  • Everything You Need to Know About Sun Health by Lori Rose ($30.00)
  • Freedom Face by Lucy AitkenRead (9.98)
  • Hair Rescue: Grow Thicker, Healthier Hair Naturally by Genevieve Howland ($12.00)
  • Herbal Skincare 101 by Kristyn Bango ($49.00)
  • Natural Beauty Guide by Katie Wells ($24.00)
  • ***Fermentation Favorites by Sarah Pope ($14.99)
  • Fermenting Veggies, A Step-By-Step Guide To Making Nutrient Dense Fermented Foods by Danielle Ramirez ($12.0 )
  • Intro to Kombucha, Fermented Sodas, Kefir, Kvass and More by Kombucha Kamp ($9.95)
  • The Craft of Herbal Fermentation by The Herbal Academy ($119.00)
  • The SureFire Sauerkraut Recipe Collection by Holly Howe ($11.97)
Fitness & Weight Loss
  • 21 Day Mini Course: Establish an Exercise Habit by Dr Christine Carter ($9.99)
  • Health & Fitness Printable Planner by Heather Moritz ($37.00)
  • Holistic Program: Yoga for Back Pain by Mijael Brandwajn ($47.00)
  • Intermittent Fasting for Better Health: The Purposeful Nutrition Guide to Weight Loss, Balanced Blood Sugar, and
  • More Energy by Jennifer Dages ($10.99)
  • Move My Mood: Happy Bundle by Jen Hoffman ($39.97)
  • SomaFit Series by Robin Konie ($19.00)
  • Stop Dieting and Have Peace with Food by Katie Corbett ($9.97)
  • The Healthy Grail: Reaching Your Goals Isn’t Hard When You Take It Step by Step by Randa Derkson ($10.00)
  • The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto: 30 Minutes a Day for a Healthier Body, Mind and Spirit by Dai Manuel ($24.7 )
  • Walking As A Workout by Beth Learn ($19.99)
For Women
  • Cooking for Hormone Balance. Rebalance Your Hormones with Food by Magdalena Wszelaki ($67.00)
  • Ditch Your Hormonal Birth Control Protocol by Nicole Jardim ($67)
  • Feeling Great Through Baby’s First Year: Ancient Wisdom & Practical Tips for Today’s New Mama by Kristen Burgess
  • ($67.00)
  • Love Your Birth by Anne Margolis ($397.00)
  • Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Firm Foundations by Dianne Edmonds ($38.00)
  • The Female Body Blueprint by Jeanne Rubin ($2.99)
  • Well & Good: Supercharge Your Healh for Fertility and Wellness by Nat Kringoudis ($19.95)
  • Yoga For Healthy Hormones: How To Use Yoga To Boost Your Metabolism Naturally By Balancing Low Thyroid And Adrenals
  • by Marina Gutner ($27.00)
Gardening & Homesteading
  • Canning 101: A Primer by Lisa Barthuly ($7.95)
  • Grow Love Garden Planner by Emily Hone ($10.00)
  • How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle: Our Journey & A Step By Step Look At The Lifestyle by Tammy Trayer ($12.99)
  • Nigerian Dwarf Goats 101: Background & Basics, What To Know & Understand Before Committing To Nigerian Dwarf Goats by Lesa Wilke ($4.99)
  • Pantry and Food Preservation Planner by Kim Mills ($7.00)
  • Rootsy.org 3 Month Membership by Rootsy, LLC ($57.00)
  • Start Canning: Canning for Busy Beginners by Jennifer Gomes ($97.00)
  • The A-Frame Pallet Planter: 20 feet of Productive Gardening Space in a 3.5 Foot Planter by Shelle Wells ($12.50)
  • The Do It Yourself Homestead by Tessa Zundel ($9.99)
  • The Homestead Kitchen by Teri Page & Tatiana Abatemarco ($37.00)
Gluten- & Grain-Free
  • 7 Days to Gluten Free by Jules Galloway ($34.95)
  • Bake It Gluten Free and Vegan by Kelly Roenicke ($7.99)
  • Get Merry: A VERY Healthy Cookbook by Carla and Emma Papas ($39.00)
  • Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipes by Elise New ($2.99)
  • Grain Free Goodies: Favorite Grain-Free and Sugar-Free Recipes from Our Kitchen to Yours by Trisha Gilkerson ($7.00)
  • Grain-Free Cooking: 20 Grain-Free and Refined Sugar Free Mouth Watering Recipes by Jennifer Eccleston ($5.00)
  • New to Gluten Free by Jules Shepard ($12.95)
Healthy Home
  • Clean, Naturally! Non-Toxic Cleaners for Your Non-Toxic Home by Kresha Faber ($4.99)
  • Go Low Tox Minus the Overwhelm: Face. Body. Kitchen. Laundry by Alexx Stuart ($29.00)
  • The Humbled Homemaker’s Healthy Homemaker Cheat Sheets by Erin Odom ($7.00)
  • The Natural Laundry Guidebook: Fresh & Clean Without Toxins by Stacy Karen ($12.95)
Healthy Kids
  • Crash Course in Natural Parenting: How to Maintain a Green Home While Growing a Healthy Family by Karli Von Herbulis (7.99)
  • Easy Nourishment For Picky Eaters: Boost Your Family’s Nutrition One Delicious Cup At A Time! by Mary Voogt ($5.99)
  • Kids Cook Real Food: Knife Skills & Safety Lessons by Katie Kimball ($20.00)
  • Nourished Baby by Heather Dessinger ($14.99)
  • Treating Kids Naturally by Sally Mathrick ($9.99)
Home Remedies
  • Aromatherapy: A Practical Guide for Home and Family by Kristy Doubet Haare ($15.99)
  • Citrine’s Holistic Flu Remedies: Boost Your Immunity Naturally and Prevent The Flu Using Herbs, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Essential Oils by Citrine Joyous ($27.00)
  • Create Your Own Herbal Tea Blends for Pleasure & Health by Heidi Villegas ($4.99)
  • Essential Oils 101 by Brigett Holmes ($29.95)
  • Essential Oils Revolution 2 by Dr Eric Z ($99.00)
  • Herbal Remedies for the Whole Family by Kristen Smith ($17.00)
  • Herbal Teas for Winter Health by Carol Little ($11.99)
  • Make Herbs Fun Again: 30 Day Challenge Camp Experience by Christine Dalziel ($47.00)
  • Safe Essential Oil Labels by Lea Harris ($49.97)
  • The Essential Oil Roller Bottle Guide: How-to Guide for a Natural Home + 45 Recipes for the Whole Family! by Reeni Geiser ($9.97)
  • 30 Keto Meals in Under 30 Minutes: A Ketogenic Cookbook Filled With 40+ Quick and Easy Recipes by Louise Hendon ($15.00)
  • Keto Adapted Cookbook Volume 1 by Maria Emmerich ($19.00)
  • Keto and Low Carb for the Novice Cook by Patricia Daly ($14.90)
  • Low Carb For Real Life: Simple Recipes to Keep You on Track by Kelli Becton
  • Beyond Broth: Nourishing Homemade Paleo Soups by Jill Tieman ($9.95)
  • Easy Healthy Smoothies: Dairy-free Paleo Smoothie Recipes for Breakfast or Snacks by Lisa Wells ($7.00)
  • Just Enjoy Dessert: Over 80 Paleo Inspired Desserts that Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth the Healthy Way by Dr. Meghan Birt ($17.00)
  • Paleo Baking Fall Recipes: Delicious Comfort Food without Gluten, Grains, Refined Sugar or Dairy by Ester Perez ($7.95)
  • Paleo Crumbs Fall Favorites by Macy Diulus ($5.97)
  • Paleo Made Easy: Getting Your Family Started with the Optimal Healthy Lifestyle by Sylvie McCracken (29.97)
  • Paleogasm: 150 Grain, Dairy & Sugar-Free Recipes That Will Leave You Totally Satisfied and Begging for More by Camille Macres ($30.00)
  • Well Fed: The Ultimate Remix. 60 Fantastic Recipes From 3 Best-Selling Cookbooks by Melissa Joulwan ($19.95)
Real Food & Nutrition
  • 30-Day Broth Challenge e-Guide by Starlene D. Stewart ($19.00)
  • Healthy Eating Made Easy by Jessica Fisher ($27.00)
  • Real Food 101: Practical Tips for Healthy Eating by Jessica Espinoza ($24.99)
  • Real Food FAST by Tiffany Crumbs ($35.00)
  • Save Money, Eat Better by Amy Roskelley ($9.99)
  • Ultimate Healthy Diet Hack Master Food List by Tico & Tina ($14.97)
  • Understanding Healthy Eating:A Science-Based Guide to How Your Diet Affects your Health by Renaissance Periodization ($19.00)
  • 30 Dinners in 30 Minutes by Maya Krampf ($9.99)
  • 4-Week Healthy Meal Plan by Emily A Roach ($27.00)
  • Big Book of Green Smoothies by Robyn Openshaw (14.95)
  • Eat Beautiful: Grain-free, Sugar-free & Loving It by Megan Stevens ($9.99)
  • Oven Freezer Meals by Kelly McNelis ($3.99)
  • Pressure Cooking II by Wardee Harmon ($40.00)
  • Salad a Day: 45+ Salad Meals for Health & Vitality by Irena Macri ($19.95)
  • Smoothie Secrets Revealed: A Guide To Enhance Your Health by Elyse Wagner ($24.99)
  • Sweet Without Sugar: A Collection Of Nourishing, Allergy-Friendly, Low-Carb Desserts by Lindsey Dietz ($14.9 )
  • That’s My Jam: 40 Seasonal Canning Recipes + Printable Labels by Lindsay Landis ($16.99)
Wellness & Lifestyle
  • A Playful Life: Think, Move, & Eat Your Way to More Fun by Robyn Robeldo ($10.00)
  • Amazing Feets: How to Safely and Enjoyably Transition to a Barefoot-Dominant Lifestyle by Mark Sisson ($9.95)
  • Build Healthy Habits: Six Weeks to Wellness by Karen Shopoff Rooff ($57.00)
  • Energetic Mama: Become a Better Mum by Becoming a Healthier You! by Jessica Donovan ($29.00)
  • Energy Reset: Remove the Toxins, Reset Your Hormones, Restore Your Energy by Michelle Brown ($7.99)
  • Get Glowing: 7 Secrets For Moms To Achieve Inner Radiance by Jennifer Blossom ($12.97)
  • Holistic Living: Creating Happy + Healthy Families by Lahana Vigliano ($349.00)
  • The Anxiety Pocket eWorkbook by Heather LeGuilloux ($7.40)
  • The Energy Plan Guidebook by Stephanie Wharton ($49.00)
  • The Self Care Workbook by Shannon Johnson ($6.99)
  • 3 Free Digital Guides from Experience Life Magazine ($27.95)
  • FREE 1-month Subscription (includes 2 cartons of broth) from Kettle & Fire ($20.00)
  • FREE Bottle of Kombucha Pro and/or Free Kombucha Tea Blend from Get Kombucha ($29.95)
  • FREE 2 oz. Immune-Biotic Herbal Tincture from Earthley ($14.99)
  • FREE Grove Collaborative Cleaning Concentrates Bundle, Grove Spray Bottle with Silicone Sleeve, Microfiber Cloth + 60 Day Vip Trial (with $20 purchase) from Grove Co. ($30.00)
  • FREE $15 Site-Wide Credit from Bloom Naturals ($15.00)
  • FREE 1 oz. Bottle of Beard Oil (any scent) from Hobo Beard Oil ($16.95)
  • FREE 8 ounce Bag of Red Gelatinized Maca ($15.00)
  • FREE YELO Scrub + Mask from Orglamix ($21.00)

Again, though this bundle is not the right fit for me, it might be the perfect fit for what you need in your life right now, so if you’d like to check the bundle out for yourself, see HERE. 

Or you can also check out ALL my other ultimate bundle reviews here: Are the Ultimate Bundles Legit? Scam? Amazing deal? Or Marketing ploy?

4 Comments on 2017 Ultimate HEALTHY LIVING Bundle Review – UPDATED FOR 2018 – why I’m not buying this one

  1. I bought this bundle due to someone I followed on Youtube pushing it (Mama Natural). The hugest selling point for me was the bonuses. I thought even if I didn’t use the ebooks maybe the bonuses and courses would work. Right? No. As I excitedly signed up, paid and looked at my FREE bonuses included and I realized nothing was free. The shipping costs tacked on was ridiculous. Even the Grove collab of free stuff required you to make a $20 minimum purchase. The smallest item I figured would have a low shipping cost was around $8! After seeing that, I was really burnt on the whole deal. I looked at all the ebooks and realized a lot of this info I didn’t really care for or I could easily Google. Some things I found interesting, i downloaded but I will most likely forget it’s on my computer. I contacted them and asked why they don’t mention the NOT FREE “bonuses” and was told they’d refund me if I wasn’t happy. When I told them I’d like a refund because I felt like I was being mislead I was told to delete everything I downloaded and “remove myself” from any courses. I found this to be rude. Am I crazy for thinking that? If you have a “100% happiness guaranteed or money back” policy why rudely ask me to delete everything and remove myself from courses? I dk. Maybe I’m being too sensitive about it but the response was shocking. Anyway, there’s my review. ha

    • First, I’m so sorry. I’ve been meaning to respond to your comment for a week now.

      I agree that the language about the bonuses needs to be clearer. While some of the bonuses are free, you still have to pay shipping. However, I’ve found this to be somewhat standard. A LOT of companies will offer coupon codes for free product but still require you to pay shipping. That doesn’t really bother me. But I also don’t claim all the bonuses, only the ones that actually interest me enough.

      I will stick up a bit for Grove Collaborative though. They’ve been included in the Healthy Living bundle for a few years now. The first year, like you I though it was ridiculous that we’d have to spend $20 before getting the “free” bonuses! But then the next time around I decided to try them out. I spent juuust barely $20 for the free shipping and bonuses to kick in. I ended up still being happy because it was like I’d spent $20 to get $50 worth of stuff. I do think that Grove Collaborative has its’ place and was the only bonus in this year’s bundle I really even liked.

      The other bonuses were much better in previous years, imho.

      As far as being rude about deleting the bundle from your computer, I can totally see how it may have come across like that. But truthfully, there’s no way they’ll be able to check if you really deleted everything from your computer. That’s kind of just on the honor system. But the way I see it is, if you buy something from a store and want to return it – you have to give the item back if you want your money back. So because the Ultimate Bundles team can’t actually “take back” a digital file, they are just trusting that you’ll do the next best thing and stop using the bundle’s contents.

      Overall, I’m sorry you felt tricked into buying the bundle! That’s the main reason I never tell anyone to buy it unless they actually feel like there’s enough included to be worth it for them! I kind of dislike how the sales page is geared to make you feel like you NEED the bundle before going into depth about what the bundle actually contains.

      Thanks for leaving a comment though and sharing your experience with the most recent Healthy Living bundle. I appreciate it!

  2. I actually purchased the Healthy living bundle, due to your review, then upgraded and got the other 4 as well in the special they had a few weeks ago. The recipes are not useful, and neither most of the fitness one, but I found quite a few things in each category that I downloaded that made the cost worthwhile. Most of the bonuses are not useful for me.

    The decluttering one had some great tips as well- and I am in the middle of a nice decluttering and organizing. I only had 1 garbage bag vs. 5 bags of items in great condition that are not really being used! And my closets were organized before this.

    Thanks for your reviews.

    I don’t think I’ll get another bundle, as it will take many months to read through everything I downloaded now!!

    It took many hours to go through the categories and download them.

    • Thanks for weighing in with your review! I’m glad you feel like you got your money’s worth out of them. I too had considered getting all of the bundles in the bundle festival deal they had last month, but ended up not. I totally agree that there’s a ton of resources to go through for sure! 🙂

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