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You’ve reached an OUTDATED review for the 2016 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. Please CLICK HERE to be taken to the NEW – & super thorough! – 2017 Homemaking Bundle Review. 





For this particular bundle, I really liked all the marriage resources that were included. To me, those alone pretty much made the bundle worth it.**


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And now it’s time to talk about what’s actually IN the bundle and give my personal reviews. To keep this page from getting too long, I’m dividing it into sections.

Click the section(s) below that you’re interested in; I also include Amazon links where available so you can check out even more reviews on a book first.

 Budgeting Budgeting Books/Courses

  DIYHomemade DIY & Homemade Books/Courses

Faith Faith Books/Courses

 HolidaysTraditions Holidays & Traditions Books/Courses

InTheKitchen In the Kitchen Books/Courses

 Marriage Marriage Books/Courses

 Motherhood Motherhood Books/Courses

 OrganizationRoutines Organization & Routines Books/Courses

 Recipes Recipes Books/Courses

SelfCare Self Care Books/Courses

WorkingFromHome Work At Home Books/Courses

Bonuses The BONUSES

dashedbarI hope this helps you make a better decision for yourself if you should purchase the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle or not!

Or, if you already know you’d like to purchase the bundle for only $30 (remember, it’s only here for 6 days), go here:

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2 Comments on 2016 Ultimate HOMEMAKING Bundle Review

    • Hi Paola. That’s a hard question to answer. Hmm…here’s my review of the 2015 bundle: https://www.thinktoomuchmom.com/ultimate-homemaking-bundle-2015-review.html if you want to check it out and compare. Last year’s bundle included a Homeschooling section as well as a Pregnancy & Baby section (which this year was kind of rolled into the Motherhood section), which I kind of liked. But I think this year’s Marriage resources are better than last years.

      The bonuses this time around I think are much better than last years! I’m really intrigued in the Grove Collaborative idea. I’ve been meaning to be more conscious of cleaning/household products I use and I think I could really get into this. I haven’t checked out the Molly Green/Right Now Media bones, but I’ve been hearing a lot of people rave about the huge library of family-friendly free streaming videos from Right Now Media. I’m also kind of interested in checking out this Melt massage course videos.

      So to me, the books are similar in quality to last years – expect that this year seems to have fewer “faith-based” books outside of the Faith section, which I appreciated, only because it helps people know what they are looking for. But the thing that sets the 2016 Homemaking Bundle apart from the 2015 version is for sure the bonuses.

      I hope that helped some! 🙂

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