Month: September 2015

10th Anniversary Getaway

10 Reasons Why a 10th Anniversary Getaway is Better Than a Honeymoon Getaway

KP and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this past weekend. TEN. YEARS. Which is kind of a big deal, especially in this city, especially in this day and age, especially at our age.

Which is also why, probably four or five years ago, I had this bright idea to have a HUGE party for our 10th anniversary. Even though anniversaries are typically not as popular to celebrate as weddings – to me, an ANNIVERSARY milestone is a much more appropriate time for celebration! Especially in this city, especially in this day and age, especially at our age – reaching 10 years of marriage felt a grand achievement worth celebrating. Read more…

2015 Ultimate HEALTHY LIVING Bundle Review

So you read mom blogs and saw some of them advertising this “Ultimate Bundles” ebook thing and you weren’t sure of it was a scam or for real and so you did a search for “Ultimate [Homemaking/DIY/Healthy Living/etc] Bundle Review” and ended up on this blog post. If so, welcome. 🙂

NO – this is not a scam.

They’re able to offer so many books for so cheap bundled together because it’s basically one huge collective promotional push where authors and companies combine forces to advertise for everyone at the same time. And because most products offered are digital, they can sell them for as cheap as they want and still make money.

BUT – is it as awesome of a deal as many of the mom bloggers make it out to be? Well, that’s your call. See below. Read more…

Ashley Madison tv show

The Ashley Madison TV Show & The Good That Could Have Been

I live in a weird part of the world. I juggle convictions and morals in an environment that often seems incompatible with them. I struggle with what to say and how to say it and what I’m allowed to say. Even with its weirdness, however, I still value the confidentiality of this entertainment business and respect the need to keep bits of information I’ve gathered here and there to myself. Often my random knowledge wouldn’t really matter to anyone else, but every once in a while I’ve been privy to things that give me a different perspective of an issue that the rest of the world is not able to see.

You know the whole Ashely Madison thing? Where all the user email addresses of the infidelity website were hacked and released? Of course you do; it was all over the news and the topic of many articles and blog posts and vitriol. Well, what you don’t know is that KP and I have a history with Ashley Madison. Ok, well, KP has the history – but as his wife and as it’s something we’ve discussed in depth, I have a history with it too. Read more…