Year: 2015

My Top Posts of 2015; your opinion and mine

Ahh, the end of the another year, where we look back at all the we accomplished (or didn’t) in the last year and all we want to accomplish (or wish we would but won’t) in the next. Honestly, though I’m being a bit snarky about this, I’m actually a big fan of society’s collective moment […] Read more…

I Want It All, And I Want It Now. (& Where Am I Going With All This Again?)

And then all these grand thoughts about the meaning of life have to bubble up and demand to be reconciled…precisely at a time when I don’t have the time or mindspace to devote time or mindspace to them.

But I want to think these thoughts. I want to reconcile them into nice organized compartments in my mind. I want everything to make sense and have answers.

I want it all. Read more…

10th Anniversary Getaway

10 Reasons Why a 10th Anniversary Getaway is Better Than a Honeymoon Getaway

KP and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this past weekend. TEN. YEARS. Which is kind of a big deal, especially in this city, especially in this day and age, especially at our age.

Which is also why, probably four or five years ago, I had this bright idea to have a HUGE party for our 10th anniversary. Even though anniversaries are typically not as popular to celebrate as weddings – to me, an ANNIVERSARY milestone is a much more appropriate time for celebration! Especially in this city, especially in this day and age, especially at our age – reaching 10 years of marriage felt a grand achievement worth celebrating. Read more…

2015 Ultimate HEALTHY LIVING Bundle Review

So you read mom blogs and saw some of them advertising this “Ultimate Bundles” ebook thing and you weren’t sure of it was a scam or for real and so you did a search for “Ultimate [Homemaking/DIY/Healthy Living/etc] Bundle Review” and ended up on this blog post. If so, welcome. 🙂

NO – this is not a scam.

They’re able to offer so many books for so cheap bundled together because it’s basically one huge collective promotional push where authors and companies combine forces to advertise for everyone at the same time. And because most products offered are digital, they can sell them for as cheap as they want and still make money.

BUT – is it as awesome of a deal as many of the mom bloggers make it out to be? Well, that’s your call. See below. Read more…

Ashley Madison tv show

The Ashley Madison TV Show & The Good That Could Have Been

I live in a weird part of the world. I juggle convictions and morals in an environment that often seems incompatible with them. I struggle with what to say and how to say it and what I’m allowed to say. Even with its weirdness, however, I still value the confidentiality of this entertainment business and respect the need to keep bits of information I’ve gathered here and there to myself. Often my random knowledge wouldn’t really matter to anyone else, but every once in a while I’ve been privy to things that give me a different perspective of an issue that the rest of the world is not able to see.

You know the whole Ashely Madison thing? Where all the user email addresses of the infidelity website were hacked and released? Of course you do; it was all over the news and the topic of many articles and blog posts and vitriol. Well, what you don’t know is that KP and I have a history with Ashley Madison. Ok, well, KP has the history – but as his wife and as it’s something we’ve discussed in depth, I have a history with it too. Read more…

natural family planning

How I Don’t Use Hormonal Birth Control (or, What Is Natural Family Planning?)

WARNING: this will be a rather TMI post. If reading about my most recent birth story was too much for you, then this post probably will be too. But if you’re into natural birth stories and female empowerment stuff, then you might get a kick out of this post. Either way, read at your own risk and don’t say I didn’t warn you. Read more…

Husband and Wife Writing Team: Writing Together, Not Against

KP and I once, a year or two ago, attempted to write a script together. It was a story we’d stumbled upon and we both liked the idea. I’d long before wanted to work on a project with him, as a way of building teamwork between us. Even if it never went anywhere, I just wanted the challenge doing it together.

We didn’t get very far into the process before giving up on that script, though, and giving up on the idea of working on any thing together. We just couldn’t do it. We had different ideas about the tone and theme of the story and instead of discussing and molding our individual ideas into something we could together be happy with – we argued about them instead. Just as we did about many other things in our lives at that time.

As the Gottman study I referenced in my Hindsight #2 post noted, when you and your spouse are in a “destroyer” relationship, no matter what you are doing together, you are constantly on edge, always prepared to fight and defend yourself. And unfortunately… Read more…

Writing a Script With My Husband

I have a strong feeling that I’m entering a phase of this blog where I won’t put as much focus on “providing content” as I will on “sharing a personal journey”. I hope I don’t lose readers because of that. But if I do, oh well.

For a little while, I’m going to steer toward journaling about a different adventure – though still in line with the main subject of this blog: Writing a Script With My Husband.

We’ve never worked together in this capacity before, and even so far, I’m noticing how it impacts our relationship and I’d like to write about that here. I’ll have to be a bit vague, of course, until Read more…

SQT 5/15/15: 7 Interesting Patents I’ve Stumbled Upon in My Recent Searches

I realize that no one reading this (other than my dad, if he’s reading?) likely has any idea what an exhaustive patent search entails, but oh well. Just play along like you know and care, ok? 🙂 Basically, I’ve spent a lot, A LOT, of time searching through the google of all patent search websites…which, well, IS Google Patent Search (go ahead, click the link and search for something, like say “talking toilet”. I dare you. Better Call Saul fans will especially like this one: Read more…

2015 Ultimate HOMEMAKING Bundle Review

However, I did look though almost every. single. item. included in the bundle. Below are my highlights of the bundle overall. If this bundle sounds like something of interest to you, feel free to enter my giveaway. I mean, why not? You could win the whole Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for FREE. And free is always awesome.

Note: I do want to emphasize that many of the books/courses/bonuses in this bundle are religious/Christian in nature. Some are very explicitly religious, some only have small references that can be glanced over. Since I have a varied audience, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, non-religious, etc, I know that this bundle might not be suited for everyone – but either way, it might be worth looking over the included items yourself to see if it’s something you would find valuable. After all, it IS an incredible deal and you’re likely to find enough stuff included to make it worth it for you. Read more…

Making Saul Goodman

What is it called when you write a bunch of twitter posts all in a row, continuing one sentence onto the next tweet, over and over in order to tell a longer story or thought? Whatever it’s called, that’s what I just did. Who knows why I wrote it on twitter instead of a blog post, but for some reason, it just flowed that way better.

Anyway, since I’m all about cross posting on multiple social media platforms – and because I’m sure that no one is reading my twitter feed in the middle on the night and will catch it – here is my recent tweet stream: Read more…

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle GIVEAWAY! (My very first one!)

2) You can enter my FIRST EVER BLOG GIVEAWAY!!! Yes, that’s right, a giveaway. I’m very excited; I’ve always wanted to do one of these things, but never felt confident enough to do so before now.

The giveaway will run until Fri. 4/24 at 11:59pm PST. This way, even if you unfortunately don’t win the free bundle, but you’d still like to purchase one, you’ll have until Mon. 4/27 to purchase one on your own.  Read more…