Hi. I’m Ronni. Wife, Mom of 3, Math teacher, Writer, Outside-the-box thinker.

I’ve had this blog since 2014. It’s undergone a few name changes (The Screenwriter’s Wife -> The Mom Life Story -> Think Too Much Mom), and a few main focuses (LA industry life -> Marriage support -> Mom life -> post-covid life). I still plan to keep all my old entries in the archives section, but the crazy events of the world in 2020/21 have caused me to change directions once again.

I have a passion for truth and our abilty to individualy question to find truth. So I’m doing a 180 in this blog and turning it toward what I now see are some of the most important things of all:

Liberty, Critical Thinking, and Education.

I have a background in math education and hold two California teaching credentials. I homeschool my kids (even before covid). I’m an outside-the-box thinker and I like to think a lot. I’ve previously taught logic courses to highly gifted kids.

This is all within my wheelhouse and I feel qualified to blog about. And these skills are so desperately needed in today’s world. I might as well contribute to something meaningful in the world while I’m here.

In the meantime, please have patience with me as I’m re-tooling my blog to focus on issues of critical thinking, liberty & education! 😊

If you’re a social media person, I’m all over sm. Listed in order of frequency of activity: 
1) Twitter – I used to hate twitter, but then I become bold & now I love it & it’s my place. I’m most active here. I post multiple times daily. I learn so much from twitter & I’ve found my “team reality rebel friends” there.
2) Instagram – a picture speaks a thousands words. Except I also like to write a lot of words in my captions too. Visual life gets documented here.

Honorable Mentions (i.e. I don’t use these as frequently):
3) Pinterest – has its’ uses. I pin “mom stuff” here.
4) Facebook – I kind of hate facebook, but it exists. I’m there if you still are for some reason. I don’t post often.
5) MeWe – have an account. Don’t know what I’m doing. Maybe someday I will. I just like that it’s not facebook.
6) Mix – I’ve shared a bunch of links about things like quantum reality & higher dimensions that no one else wants to hear about. It’s mostly just a place for me to store interesting articles I find.
7) YouTube – someday I want to make way more videos. I’ll get there someday. Until then, this is my channel.

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