I’m Ronni. Wife, Mom of 3, Math teacher, Screenwriter. Outside-the-box thinker.

I’ve had this blog since 2014. It’s undergone a few name changes (The Screenwriter’s Wife -> The Mom Life Story -> Think Too Much Mom), but with the mess of covid and our society’s response, I’ve finally settled on a topic that’s DESPERATELY needed into today’s world:

Critical Thinking. Logic. Free Speech. Respectful Dialogue. 

If you’re looking for my old blog posts on marriage & mom life (2014-early 2020), click  “Other>In The Before” in the header above. 

Now on this site you can expect to find:

1) Posts highlighting products & resources for both adults & children (yes, this means some affiliate/promoted resources b/c a blogger’s gotta eat) on the topics of: 
– critical thinking
– logic
– general education/higher-level thinking
– conflict resolution & relationship building
– and similar topics

2) A series of posts & animated videos(that I eventually plan to make into a full-fledged, for-sale, educational logic/critical thinking curriculum) that I’m going to call A Crash Course in Logic. I’ll be working on this slowly but surely & in the meantime you can access bits of it HERE.

If you’re a social media person, you can also find me below. 
a) Facebook – eh, I don’t post much here. 
b) Twitter – for my screenwriter life stuff, not blog stuff.
c) Pinterest – b/c it’s a place where people like to find new ideas.
d) Instagram – mom life, family life, outside life, writer life, blog life. 
e) YouTube – where I host my videos.
f) Parler – b/c I’m all about expanding my horizons. 
h) MeWe – better than facebook, imho. You should try it. 
g) Mix – for sharing all the articles, esp. my odd interests like quantum reality & higher dimensions that no one else wants to hear about. 🙂